SOLVED - Lemmy UI Fork - 502 Bad Gateway error
SOLUTION: The issue was - the ‘New UI’ docker image was automatically building for AMD64, but the Linux server is an ARM64/v8. I had to add QEMU and multi-platform build commands to the docker-image.yml file (in Github Actions). This creates an additional docker image for ARM64 machines, which loads and runs successfully. This was discovered by manually building a docker container, and receiving the following message: `WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm64/v8) and no specific platform was requested` So if you get that message, you must build your docker image for the platform you are on (or multiple platforms). ** == ** == ** == ** == ** == ** == ** ORIGINAL ERROR: **THE SETUP and ERROR** 1. I made a fresh ansible install, on a fresh ubuntu 20.04 server - the Lemmy instance runs perfectly. 2. I made a fresh fork of the 16.7 Lemmy-UI. 3. I built a docker-image of that forked UI, and loaded it via docker-compose (here is my [docker-image.yml build file]( ). Now I am getting a “502 Bad Gateway - nginx” error (the site does not load). NGINX error log shows: ``` connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server:, request: "GET / HTTP/2.0", upstream: "", host: "" ``` - Nginx config has not been modified (but here is the config anyway - [ggg.conf]( - Docker log is clean. ** **DIAGNOSIS** When I list docker containers (`docker ps -a`), there is no PORT mapped to the ‘New-UI’ image container. (However, when running the ‘default lemmy-UI’ image container, the PORT is successfully mapped to>1234/tcp) It seems I must create a new Container, using the ‘New-UI’ image, and map the PORT to>1234/tcp (unless an Environment Variable can do it). ^ Now I must figure out that exact docker command. (because `docker run -d -p [ImageID]` does successfully create the container.) ** **THE QUESTION** Is there an Environment Variable we must set to map a 'forked UI'? (to connect front-end and back-end) Here are the Env Vars I’ve added (in various combinations/values): ``` lemmy-ui: environment: - LEMMY_UI_HTTPS=true - LEMMY_UI_LEMMY_INTERNAL_HOST=lemmy:8536 - - LEMMY_UI_DISABLE_CSP=true # - LEMMY_UI_LEMMY_WS_HOST=lemmy:8536 # - LEMMY_UI_HOST= ``` here is [the full docker-compose.yml]( (only changed Env Vars)

Inconsistent comments vs

Lemmy instances near france similar to
I can't connect to any longer unless I'm using tor. So I want to find another instance that federates with as many other instances as possible and that is near france. Which one would you recommend?

Searching only in one community does not work for me
The GUI of the search page indicates that it is possible too search only in one special community. When I select for example this community I get search results from many other communities. Any hints?

  • Jonny
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Still Sync issues with mp-tube channels
Hi, I still have sync issues with The subscribed Peer Tube instances. for example I'm subscribed to ! with my instance: but the new Posts(Videos) are not autmotically synced. If I click on a Video on the original mp-tube site e.g.: and enter that URL in the Search bar of my instance, it is successfully fetched from the site, and after that occurs in my subscribed channel. Is it a known Issue with subscribed peertube channels? is there a solution or any way I can investigate deeper? Thanks in advance :)

JSON API endpoint for communities?
Does Lemmy have some public JSON API to query information about communities? I would like to adapt this to automatically configure XMPP chatrooms for each Lemmy community: Thanks!

  • NXL
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Do votes from instances that aren’t federated with your instance still affect the score on posts you do federate with?
For example, if im on an instance that only federates with instances in an allowlist can someone create an instance of bots to downvote things in the instance and affect the score of the posts that users on my instance can see? I’m interested in learning how lemmy prevents vote brigading from instances that might be made with malicious intent

  • poVoq
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Lemmy Pict-rs storage requirements?
I might take over one of these one-year-free hosted Lemmy instances on my server infrastructure, but I read several times now that Lemmy's image hosting system Pict-rs is using a lot of storage quickly. The server I could run this on is limited to 32gb ssd storage with no easy way to expand it. Is there some way to limit the image storage use and automatically prune old images that are not user or community icons or such?

I'm new to lemmy and I created my own community or instance. But how do I get people to join? I'm assuming I can't post it to other communities. Can you help me?

Is there an easy way to set up a CDN?
Hi everyone, we want to set up a cdn in order to avoid hosting the images in our instance

I'm not 100% certain that's the cause, but my testing so far suggests it's probably that. Basically if you have a URL that doesn't point to the original resource, but some copy of it on another instance, it won't resolve. So far I've only tested that on a third instance, but from my experience with the same bug on pleroma, this will occur even if you do it on the resource's origin instance. (fse post referred to from can't be resolved on fse.) As example: It's possible that this is actually just a federation block, but also fails, (and fetching that post works,) which I'm pretty sure isn't.

The name, logo, description and sidebar changes when I restart docker or the server
Hello, I spun up my instance and when I was doing the initial setup I got an error "Server already exists". I reloaded the page and realized that the server was a copy of I was really confused since I didn't do anything. I didn't even federated with that instance. After that I changed the settings to how I wanted them to be and moved on with the day. I thought it was one time issue. Few days later I restarted the server and when I got back to it the name, logo, description and sidebar have changed back to the ones from the other instance. I changed them back to normal and decided to restart just the docker containers. Again the same issue. Normally the logs help but this time nothing out of normal shows up.

  • Jae
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Federation sync problems
Hey there, It seems from my instance, I don't receive everything posted on other instances. Is there something to sync posts and comments or am I doomed to be behind all of this for the rest of eternity?

Have there been any reports concerning troublesome bot accounts on Lemmy instances?
This is a fairly concerning problem with Reddit, for example. Are there similar concerns here?

How to subsribe to groups or posts via RSS?
cross-posted from: > I really like RSS feeds, especially with tools like newsboat and there are RSS feeds for everything, like Reddit posts or even Youtube channels. > > Is it possible to get RSS feeds for Lemmy groups or even posts, too? > > This would boost the workflow immensely.

Why do I see different things when viewing the same post on Lemmy vs Beehaw?
[This post on Lemmy]( ![]( [This post on Beehaw]( ![]( []('s comment is not visible at all on the Lemmy instance while to me my comment is not visible at all on the Beehaw instance, nothing is showing in modlog though so I assume it has not been removed. Am I unaware of a mechanic of federation occurring here? Or is something bugged?

  • bkrl
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Multireddits feature
I really appreciated in the official Reddit the "Multireddits" feature, a collection of multiple subscriptions under one "viewlist." Does a similar feature exist or are there plans to be developed in Lemmy in the future?

  • NXL
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Users need an option to block instances
browsing through All has so much pro-fascist posts coming from lemmygrad that it drowns out all the other instances. I'm surprised they're even federated by default but we should have an option to block instances from All if lemmy is deadset on federating with them just because they are fascists with a red and yellow flag... (before the Tankies start posting about how they aren't pro-fascism "Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy" which all describe the Z movement in Russia they gleefully support in multiple posts)

Transfer account to another instance?
Is this a thing that's possible? Asking for an imperialist *friend* who want to hop over to beehaw from until *friend* has grasped nginx and figured out *friends* own instance on their rpi.

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