I just posted this, my favourite content I posted in 2022. Quickly - almost NOTHING about plastic recycling (*will have to make time for moar things in 2023*) or other recycling. Disappointing but remediable. Lots about world corporate and government bastardry. Good. (*That I'm drawing attention to it, not that it's happening, which actually shits me to tears that we still let them.*) Bits and bobs about using technology at home to improve life without raising the footprint. (*Which isn't specifically in that post but if you start looking around you'll find a fair few good bits.*) And I hope that 2023 will be much better and much less bastardised by corporate greed and... bastardry... and prove to be The Turning Point where we head away from right-wing, capitalism, cruelty, inequality, and nastiness. See you all on the other side!

Starting With Ideas
Generally a good place to start I've found. I can possibly still contact one person I was ready to start an online music library with, in the late 1990s with some kind of dedicated player you could add to your stereo setup (*remember lounge-room-dominating stereos? Hehehe.*) that played encoded CDs with your music library on them. I say I *might* be able to contact them, but probably not. They were all "people just aren't gonna give up their CDs and stuff, why would they want to new piece of stereo gear - and how are you going to protect a CD, anyway?" We parted on less than cordial terms a few years later when Apple Music and iPods and Sony Playstation CDs came along and I called that person a total halfwit. (*Only not as nicely as that...*) But that wasn't what prompted my outburst, oh noe. Same person also didn't think much of me showing them my PDA and saying I'd love to get my news on a device that size, wirelessly, store my selected news and take it with me. They again had all the usual "people like their newspapers too much, and why would I want to try and read a tiny screen?" and I guess you know what sort of conversation we had at work a year and a bit later when one of our engineers had a mobile phone with a data connection. Anyway - if wishes were horses etc - I'd be running Twitter now... 8=) But anyway, equally noteworthy was that an idea I had for a table "blotter" that wirelessly tied together mouse, keyboard, monitor, and PC and charged them all wirelessly - was actually tried by some obscure company (*not at my prompting I might add, just parallel discovery, one of their engineers had much the same idea*) and laptops were becoming more popular . . . So - big fail. The thing is that NO idea is too crazy to at least spend some time thinking through it. My friend (*I'll call them JD for John/Jane Doe*) didn't bother, despite being a first-class engineer. JD saw just more work in each case, more research and design, hard work - and didn't actually want any of it. So put your ideas to the test - research stuff yourself. Back then the Internet was still a little information-poor but after the round and sound put-downs from JD I kind of cooled off because I'm NOT an engineer or designer. My mistake. Had I researched, I might maybe have found an investor or a company willing to buy the idea to trademark it. And I'm still only doing research in bits and pieces now. I'm not an instigator, I'm what they used to call a "back room" geek. Hence me putting these more recent ideas here. Comments appreciated...

The newsstand is open
I started futzing around with things to do with recycling *ALL THE THINGS!* after I realised how much waste we produce now compared to my childhood. (A long time ago, yo. Fact.) So I started becoming more and more activist. I've written blogs from my BBS days to the present, currently have about six I'm solely juggling all the writing for, as well as trying to find surefire ways to actually recycle stuff, and the usual stuff a retired old fart does when he and his wife both have some age-related medical issues and so forth. Anyhow - long story short, I'm hoping to find -minded people who want to do stuff and get involved. I'm hoping there are a few here. Projects I've started to roll and all need thinktanks / people who want to run with them. Let me be clear - none of these are for profit. If someone wants to turn one into a business, you're welcome to do so. In fact, some of these ideas won't ever come to life unless they're turned into businesses - or capitalism implodes. **ZFF ** isn't so much a business as a thing that can be achieved with lobbying lobbying lobbying and more lobbying. The idea is that every member country contributes some capital, and selects ten or so people to represent them, and the entire purpose of the ZFF group is to draft legislation that each member country will be required to abide by, related to shutting down fossil fuel power plant, removing ICEVs, and putting high tariffs on virgin plastic. **RCX** is similar to Precious Plastic but I'm finding recycling uses for machines and gadgets people have in the home already, or designing simple machines that can be made, to make recycling really simple, so easy that it can be done as a cottage industry or by small community groups, for profit or community benefit. **SUNGROWN** is an idea that spreads a lot of tentacles. Mainly it's a way to use solar panel farms to grow vegetables underneath, tended by farmbots, and picked up for market with EV trucks, and sold (*possibly from those trucks*) in suburbs where access to fresh food isn't always as good as the more affluent ones. It can spread to EV charging stations so that the EV trucks can charge en route, and should be made available for public use as well at low cost. And there are always more. TBH a lot of these aren't do-able by even a huge group of volunteers - but if everyone spreads the word, it'll reach the right ears and eyes - and then some person with capitalistic leanings will take it, run with it, and so make it come about anyway. So that's this community. I'd love any discussions and also if anyone knows a good way to brainstorm these ideas and so forth. I realise this sounds dodgy af but I am really not interested in profiting from any of these ideas, but I'm sure they all have some useful bits to them and I'd like to share. At my age, I just want to see things improve for the planet (*and us I guess, if we can learn to be better stewards*) and as quickly as possible. Cheers. ( *Oh and the news stand URL has a feed of blog posts from all my blogs so you can get a sense of who I am and what I'm about. I hope you'll be kind. . . * )

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