Hey everyone!

I was looking for an icon for this community (since it is kind of sad without it (as is my profile rn)) but I am quite unsure what to look for, since I want something other than drawings, since we have /c/art for that. So I am asking you about it, a bit of democracy never hurt anyone, right? Ignores the anarchists yelling in the back.

So, what do you feel would be a faithful representation of solarpunk aeshetics? Some wearable gear? Gardens in buildings? A backtard garden? A plant-friendly sculpture?

Leave your ideas (or links to pictures if you have them) in the comments.

Thank you for your participation :D

  • GreatWhiteBuffalo41
    1 year ago

    Aww thank you! If you can’t figure it out, I could try a few this week when I have down time, just let me know. I’m sure you’ll do great though!