Facebook: search for “title” gift - the first article will be a gift link if one has been posted publicly; non-gift articles may appear as well in the results.

𝕏itter: Pull out the last part of the URL. For example, if the URL is:


you would pull out


Then search for

“<last part of URL before .html” nytimes.com

In this case:

“coral-reefs-heat-stress-bleaching” nytimes.com

Then scroll down and look for articles with a preview showing “gift article” in the top right

For newsletters, also search for messaging-custom-newsletters.nytimes.com and scan through the Latest results.

BlueSky: Load this gift link feed, scroll down to before the article’s publication, then use control-F or ⌘-F (on a mac) to search for it

Mastodon: Use control-F or ⌘-F to search this page

web.archive.org: Look up the non-gift URL on web.archive.org, then click the URLs tab and see if a gift link has been archived. It will contain the string “unlocked_article_code” if it has.

  • silence7OP
    2 months ago

    𝕏itter has stopped fully indexing article titles, or the “gift article” text in the title, so I’ve updated the instructions here for that platform.