And also some advice for anyone who wants to try.

Facebook is awfully close to MySpace in its final convulsions - it’s slow, it’s buggy, and lacks focus! I manage over 30 pages, I get constantly banned for jokes, which some buggy algorithm considered “hate speech.” Once my personal profile is banned, I’m cut out from the business properties I manage - I cannot post on pages that are not my private property, but which were trusted to me to maintain. And when you’re banned, you cannot delegate other people to manage, so Facebook puts a bunch of 501©(3) public charities offline. This is no longer a place to do business and socialize - it’s a place to get banned and where you’re forced to create 2-3 backup profiles! And maybe that’s their goal - to claim they have more active users! I know no young person using Facebook either! So, it should be rebranded to ObituaryBook.

The fediverse equivalent is diaspora*, but I’ve never really seen much activity. It’s also not been adopted by people I know IRL, so I don’t feel much drive to use it.


Friendica is actually the better equivalent as it speaks ActivityPub (and also has great Lemmy compatibility).

I made an account on diaspora some time ago but ever since then I have been wondering what I am supposed to do on that platform.


@straightpeach @pingveno
Mood. I’ve tried it out but the biggest issue is that such a lack of people on it kinda defeats the point of having it be this social platform everyone can bump into buddies on.

And unfortunately, unlike Mastodon now, I doubt that if Facebook was going down the drink, diaspora* would get any big surge of new users migrating to it.


@jackalope Facebook has become nothing more than a social media advertising platform. Every third feed for me was an ad.

I am in some pretty high quality facebook groups, meta made 118B in the last year, it’s very far from dead, If we want to build something better i think some modesty would be useful.

Far too many people in the fediverse are unwilling to look at where it is falling short of serving as a replacement for the current centralized social media platforms. They would rather write articles about how the fediverse is different that’s good and we sure do hope no smell ol jocks come dragging down the vibe of our exclusive nerd hangout.

It’s real crab mentality.

I want the fediverse to go mainstream but a lot of people very clearly only want to have it as their exclusive little hipster hang out.


@wiki_me no offense wiki_me, but it doesn’t matter how good your group is, you and others should begin to consider migrating to a different platform.

Much the same as the over-the-top hubris of Musk, Zuckerberg blew it with his multi-billion dollar screw up thinking his virtually reality Metaverse was the future. It isn’t and it’s going to facilitate the collapse of his platform and ego.

@wiki_me no offense wiki_me, but it doesn’t matter how good your group is, you and others should begin to consider migrating to a different platform.

of course it matters, i am not using it for some generic chit chat like on lemmy, it is a source of important information for me, stuff that helps me manage my career (there is also research showing how beneficial are communities of practice or communities of interest are, and also how online support groups can improve mental health).

People will go where there is good quality meaningful content, that’s how it works and IMO that’s how it should work.

Its the idea that they are too big to fail. When their stock drops 25%, they can’t improve fast enough because they are too bulky.


Facebook doesn’t need replacing, it needs to be yeeted into the sun. I’ll just DM anything I want people to see.

I’m glad I didn’t make any friends on Facebook. LOL.

Oh! the irony. Points out facebook is not the best place, that is killing itself, that would like for a replacement to thrive but, makes no effort to promote a reasonable alternative. Its like when people say they are hungry but could not decide what to eat so they end up eating the same shit they are complaining about.

“Here are two reasons why nobody replaced it yet” - Title

Yeah, but he did not wrote just a title, a headline, a a dictionary definition, or a tweet.


…they end up eating the same shit they are complaining about.

They become part of the problem not the solution.

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