Daniel Supernault (@dansup@mastodon.social)
Attached: 4 images I have a meeting tomorrow about funding for Groups and a few other features 😉 #groups #pixelfed #soon

Pixelfed always makes big announcements and then takes years to release anything. In fact I think they first announced groups support over a year ago.


Edit: Just an offtopic comment about why it disgusts me to donate more than I already do to pixelfed.

I started making them donations 3 years ago because they said they were about to release the android app, so I felt obligation to show them my gratitude.

The app was published under a “beta” flag some months ago and it is pretty pretty bad for the time is should have been in development. Not to talk about that it is not free software either… I’ve been giving money for the development of a proprietary software… I’m disgusted. I guess that is why it is a pretty bad app. He had to do it all alone, while also moving forward pixelfed and fedidb. I’m sticking with pixeldroid for now.

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