[@OptimusPrime] This is certainly one of the most repulsive posts I’ve read in my life. It’s an insult to all thinking and feeling creatures in the universe. You are the next one among these so-called comrades who gets blocked right now.


I don’t know the person who wrote this post, but accusing someone of extremism (no matter if it’s left or right) because of linking to a news article like this is unnecessary to say the least.

The linked article describes more than “a few incidents”. I think we all read about the death of Mahsa Amini because she refused to wear a hijab or about the 16-year-old Asra Panahi who was beaten to death for refusing to sing pro-regime anthem.

It’s rather a systemic opression as women and girls as well as other minorities are treated like second-class citizens in Iran, and the situation in 2022 has worsened.

I am extremely confused by this post. If i was talked to about my post and given enough reasons to remove it, i would have happily done so. Calling me a fascist and a right wing for one post smells so horribly of bad faith.

I just block all non lemmy.ml and lemmygrad users. They’re all maga supporters

Is there a way to block all lemmygrad posts? I suffer horribly from second hand embarrassment over people who claim to be anarchist or communist while only having an American child’s understanding of these ideologies.

Helix 🧬

oops I was meant to post this from my lemmygrad account. Sorry comrade


By replacing “anarchist” with “communist” you are pretty much describing the overall experience on lemmy,ml

A few isolated incidents? How women and girls are treated in Iran has been covered by multiple media “in the west” and everywhere else. You can also ask Iranian women who were able to emigrate and learn more about these “few isolated incidents”.

And, no, this is not a cultural issue nor a ideological one.


People post shitty articles from right-wing sources here all the time, so this seems by far not the worst offender.

I may have made a mistake, but dont you think i shouldve been approached first for accountability before making a post about me?

deleted by creator

I agree with you, i still am willing to engage in an academic dialogue on how this could be considered as right-wing and what constitutes “isolated” instances.

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