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Meme using the “my parents at age X” template.

First part is “MY PARENTS AT 25” as a caption with a women saying “I think we should buy a house” and a man saying “sounds like a good investment”

Second part is “ME AT 25” as a caption with a men saying “If I shoplift then I won’t have to pay for food”

  • activistPnk
    4 months ago

    I entered this thread thinking it would be about squatting. E.g. bank forecloses on a house, kicks out the previous owner, then the bank becomes insolvent itself and bought out by another bank. The new bank loses track of the property. “Shoplifter” moves in, lives there X number of years. Documents their conquest. Then files a paper for ~$50 or so claiming ownership under adverse property rights.

    This exact thing happened in Florida. A black guy squatted in a house. White neighbors were furious that they had to pay ~¼—½ million for their homes that the squatter paid ~$50 for.