Hello everyone! For my bachelor’s thesis, I am making a survey to find out what Solarpunks think of the movement, the genre and the community. I believe Solarpunks are often curious about the thoughts of others in the community, so I think this could be another instance to promote discussion and interesting conversations within the community. Once the survey is closed, I’ll distribute the key findings within the communities where I initially posted the survey (so, here, in the r/solarpunk subreddit, etc). It takes around 9 minutes and it would be great if we get a lot of responses. It is also anonymous and under the supervision of my tutors. If this sounds like something that interests you, please fill it in and share it with other Solarpunks! And if you still have questions I am happy to answer them, but there is also more information available in the first part of the survey!

I think there is a link already in the post but just in case: click here

(btw, I sadly wont be gathering data from people under 18 years old. This is because consent-wise it gets tricky, not because I don’t value your input. Thank you very much for understanding!)

  • ReallyKinda@kbin.social
    3 months ago

    I took further right to be agree more and further left to be less agreement when I responded (in case it helps with data interpretation).