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Regina Chicken Underground. 362 J’aime. Regina Chicken Underground is dedicated to the legalization of chickens within the city limits. Contact Rick Morrell 1 (306) 699-2678

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We want people with yards to be able to raise hens (NO ROOSTERS!). Hens are quiet unless attacked and they settle down pretty quick. At night they sleep quietly on their roost. Friends have had chickens in the city and the neighbours didn’t even know. That’s pretty quiet. Most cities limit the number to 6 or fewer per household. With this number of birds in a yard, smell, filth, insects are non-issues.
They are quieter than dogs, don’t kill birds like cats.
They are super interesting pets and lay delicious nutritious eggs - as many as one per bird per day depending on the breed.
Properly housed they do not get loose, and we will work to ensure everyone will properly care for their flock. Most cities have a licensing process (like for a car or dog) that involves showing you have the proper set up to keep your birds safe and enclosed, before you get the license. Some places it is a city inspector who checks it out, other places it is a non-profit like us.
If they do get loose they are easy to catch and won’t hurt anyone.
They’ll have warm (warm for their needs) shelter for winter.
If anyone is not taking proper care of their birds we have farms which are willing to take seized birds.
Together we will approach the City to create an orderly, respectful process to allow Reginans who want laying hens for pets and eggs to have the option to have a small flock of their own.

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