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With the “re-election”, if that is the right word, of Xi Jinping as President for an unprecedented third term, China’s ruling Communist Party has taken an increasingly authoritarian turn. It has clamped down on any form of democracy in Hong Kong, promoting tens of thousands of people to flee the territory, while using Zero Covid as a way of controlling its own population, and has been aggressively bullying Taiwan into submission with threatening military exercises, while supporting Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Every sentence man.

It is still possible that as it grows wealthier, China will follow South Korea and gradually turn into a liberal, democratic state.


In response, the US has been preparing to defend itself against a resurgent and powerful China. It has beefed up support for Taiwan, preparing to defend the island with force if necessary.


The invasion doesn’t help. There are more Nazis in Ukraine than ever. But if Ukraine is demilitarised, the Nazis would then also be demilitarised. The point isn’t really to legitimise the invasion on anti-nazi grounds, it’s just to push back against the western narrative that the Nazis are few and hold no power in Ukraine. There isn’t one Nazi political party, there are several, and Nazis have a lot of power in the Ukrainian military. Russia is only invading because they are scared of NATO on their border, not to help Ukrainians.

Skjelett Ansikt, leder i Equinor, sier det er riktig andel av befolkningen som fryser i sitt egent hjem og ingen grunn til bekymring.

Some of these are made in Sweden, Battlefield, The Division, Wolfenstein (and a bunch more), but what they all have in common is Anglo-American money and Anglo-American writing teams and the end result is just as propagandic.

From what I can tell, they seem to be mostly saying all 140,000 support NATO and rejecting Minsk, but are instead demonstrating ACER and general quality of life.

Yes I understand, but the difference between a 15K/yr wage (USA mode wage) and a 300M/yr wage (Highest wage I found quickly, Sundar Pichai) is still big enough to impact statistics.

But the USA’s expert pay is also completely disproportionate. Meaning the 1%/.1% of wage earners earn very high wages that doesn’t exist in the same sphere as the average person’s wage.