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  • We could address that more, but we’re going to come back to “Its not the 60s”. What you’re saying is not substantially different from saying the Elves had it better before they left Valinor. Probably true but my friend, it doesn’t really apply. I think you may be succumbing to nostalgia too, one of my favorite youtube creators once described nostalgia as a form of depression and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt a deeper kinship with some random dude online.

    Even then, I feel like you’ve vastly misrepresented the 60s, what do you even think hippie culture was? That was a dedication to changing yourself and the way you lived DRASTICALLY, it was nothing but change and the community was built to try to thrive on an ever shifting background. It was defined almost entirely by all the things you said you don’t want to do.

    The world is not going to change to your liking because you’re pursuing a lifestyle dedicated to avoiding that outcome and you aren’t going to be happy anywhere until you change that. The problem isn’t the world, it is your approach to it and the fact that you’re letting depression control your life instead of trying to make rational decisions.

  • So, maybe I’m reading between the lines too much but it sounds like you’re defining your personality by trying your hardest to be kind of shitty to be around and then acting like it’s a mystery as to why you don’t fit in? Other people are also real people with thoughts and feelings and you’re going to have to make compromises to engage with them.

    It doesn’t sound like the world is being unfair to you, it sounds like you’re actively going out of your way to reject it. Your situation isn’t special or unique. I’m not trying to be mean, but I am trying to be very direct because I’ve been there and I couldn’t grasp it any other way. You are generically depressed, just like so many others, and you should have started going to a therapist years ago.

    I do get it, we all fall into those traps, but… like… If you don’t wanna change, how do you expect things to change? You’re supposed to fix yourself, that’s a good thing, it’s crazy that you think this is a bad thing. That is your depression talking, your depression is stupid because it doesn’t understand emotions and wants you to fail. It won’t always be a success, but every day you should try to be a better version of yourself than you were the day before. And, same deal but erasing yourself… your self sounds like it sucks, and the person bearing the weight and pain of that is only you. Go work on making a better self, you don’t have to be this and you can start getting better right now, today.

  • I’m pessimistic and hope I’m wrong, but I think we might be underestimating the pull of racism/sexism that still exists.

    I feel like if we put Kamala at the top of the ticket, she’d need a really strong and ‘traditional’ running mate. Like, this guys got to be the straightest, whitest and richest guy you’ve ever seen. I kinda feel like they’ve been exploring that with a lot of top democratic people meeting with Biden lately.