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  • Do not marry the first girl you fuck (or the first boy, either way, mixed ways too, anytype anyway).

    Go live with him/her, share an apartment (do not buy together) for months, live together for some time.

    Possibly, break up and meet more people, rinse and repeat until you understand:

    • what you WANT in the other person
    • what you EXPECT from the other person

    And more important even, learn to understand the other person for what he/she is and not what you think he/she is.

  • Shimitar@feddit.itOPtoSelfhosted@lemmy.worldFitTrackee
    10 days ago

    It works just fine! Setting it up was relatively easy, too.

    I had a few snags, but I documented everything here

    So, overall its mature enough for daily usage but:

    • FitTrackee only support gpx based activities so your indoor swimming or indoor bike will not be imported
    • Garmin link seems to be working only for one user, I didn’t investigate, but its not clear how to sync more than one user. Which is weird since fittrackee itself is multi-user.

    I hope the devs keep up the great work and those limitations will be removed.