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There are swaths of people out there praising the “Nordic model”, even claiming that it’s the best socialist mode ever. Not to mention Europeans in places like reddit, who pretend racism is what Yankees do

I don’t. I just suffer through it until either something (like work) distracts me well enough to stop paying attention, or I go to sleep and stop being conscious

Well I’ve never seen a gas stove that couldn’t be more or less safely lit with a match. My own technically has an electric igniter, but it’s broken, so I use a lighter

They just might, though, depending on the spin. History is a spiral. There’s a technique that’s been used since the Roman Republic at least.

  1. Crash whatever social safety the exploited classes had and increase the flow of wealth upward
  2. Offer various goodies and bonuses for joining the military
  3. Send them somewhere far to defend the interests of the ruling class

That’s how the legions did it. That’s how USA does it. That’s what the Russian government been attempting for some time.

Problem is, if the grid goes down - you suddenly lose everything. And the grid can occasionally go down, whether due to malfunction or malicious intent (as was the case in North Carolina recently)

“And if you dare to ask again I will send my goons to explain you what’s what!”

Does Sachs have businesses in Russia/Ukraine or something? He’s been saying some strange things lately, almost as if his interests are threatened

As my friend jokes: “Oil will be pumped through Baltics, where they’ll remove the molecule of totalitarianism, add a molecule of European Values and Freedom, then pumped to Germany”

On a serious note: this means that the oil capitalists (and frankly other capitalists) will just continue with their stealing and moving their wealth offshore, while the commoners will be blocked out. Making it only easier for capitalists to hide their stolen wealth.

Why Sweden now decided to turn him to turkey

This one’s easy. Sweden wants to join NATO. Turkey is currently blocking the move. This is a bargain.