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  • SoftBun@lemmy.mlto196@lemmy.blahaj.zonebaba is rule
    1 year ago

    it is a meme about Baba is You

    edit: as described by wikipedia:

    The game centers around the manipulation of “rules”—represented in the play area by movable tiles with words written on them—in order to allow the player character, usually the titular Baba, to reach a specified goal.

    In each level, the player is presented with a one-screen puzzle consisting of various objects, characters, and movable word tiles. The player is given control of one or more characters or objects on the screen (most often, the player controls a character named Baba, a white sheep-like creature).

    In the case of the meme, changing “Boye is You” to “Boye is Win” means that you (the player) is not represented in the game anymore, which also means you can’t win.

  • I don’t want to be even tempted to join into these arguments by seeing that they exist. And even if I do ignore them all and don’t get rage baited, knowing that they are there has the potential to negatively affect my mood.

    that’s fair!

    joining a instance that fits you is surely always the right thing to do. But remember that it’s also possible to find rude discussions in others instances, so don’t hesitate to use the block bottom.

    I also recommend to disable the upvotes score visibility at the settings, it can help a lot on reducing social media anxiety

    well anyway, welcome to lemmy :)

  • you don’t have to block all of them at once, just keep blocking everytime you find a new one and eventually they’ll be all gone :)

    I don’t think comments from lemmygrad’s users should be a problem since they must follow the community rules. If you find an annoying user just block them, annoying users will exist in any instance, unfortunately