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This is what most Europeans I know don’t WANT to realize. It’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the country we’ve went to make our products. Somehow, this seems enough of a excuse for many. It’s really sad. People understand the issue, but somehow they ignore the factual reality. Maybe because it’s not a physical reality that can be seen or touched. We read about it, we see statistics, but we don’t really know the people we abuse for our products.

Maybe it is a bit like meat production. Everyone knows how it is done. Most think that these kinds of animal abuse are not okay and should be forbidden. But the next day, people go into their favorite shop and proceed to buy the cheapest meat they can find.

Thanks for the link, but have you read these studies? If yes, which of those have something to do with “aging the immune system”? That infections can have serious long term effects is nothing new, that is known for a very long time, by the way.

I agree that aging implies this, but apparently they don’t know. That’s why I wonder why they’re calling it like that.

Just anecdotal, but… I have generalized anxiety, and sometimes I have high stress, while some times low stress. I do know that my immune system responds to that. Which is also what they’re talking about in this article.

I just fail to see any reason to call it “aging”, when it implies something they don’t know.

Thanks for the link.

I guess I don’t understand if there is a difference between “aged immune system” and “weak immune system”. Aged, as I would define it, can’t be reversed. Otherwise it would just be temporally weak and can improve to the typical state of immunity of similar aged peers.

More research is needed to confirm whether stress reduction or lifestyle changes will lead to improvements in immune aging

I guess they don’t really know that as well.

Wenn jemand nach zwei Infektionen ein stark gealtertes Immunsystem hat, ist es ratsam, dass er weitere Covid-Infektionen vermeidet

(Translation) If somebody had two infections, and his immune system aged strongly, it is advised to avoid further infections.

Well. What does he mean with “infection”? Just literally the infection, no matter how severe the symptoms were? This is pretty vague communication - sadly as usual.

What does “aged” mean in the context of immune system? Does an immune system have an age that is independent of the age of the rest of the body? That would be the first time I’ve heard about this.

Did those studies find out a difference between vaccinated vs unvaccinated? Also something that gets left out pretty often.

I’m honestly wary of “long covid”. I remember that Lauterbach once had a influencer on the official ministry public communication board, and it was painfully obvious that this person was recruited for the job. That person constantly stated how important vaccination is. After being asked what she thinks of getting severe long covid - despite being vaccinated to the full amount (4 doses). She was visibly confused. Apparently, they didn’t even think of that question before doing that public communication round. The statement was: “I would probably have been even more ill.” But that of course was just a guess - and nobody was none the wiser.

It’s absolutely ridiculous what’s going on in Germany regarding Covid.

…also… stating “incurable” about a disease that is just being investigated… quite bold if you ask me. But that’s the good old fear mongering.

I think it was this one: https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD000448.pub3/full

You can find the full text here (Click on the blue buttons [Libgen] to download): https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=36416454

Very interesting bit: “Both in placebo‐controlled trials and in comparisons with standard antidepressants, trials from German‐speaking countries reported findings more favourable to hypericum.”

That’s odd. I wonder what the reason might be.

Trying to ping the user @lemmyreader@lemmy.ml Please tell me if that worked. :)

St. Johns Wort generally changes the outcome of dosage of medications. A lot of stuff should be taken in different doses. Pill contraceptives are reduced in efficacy by St. Johns Wort, and that can mean that the protection is lowered.

for example the resistance of Lützerath is Germany shows imo that not all of us have turned into mindless money greed capitalist robots.

The irony is that most of these young people have voted for the very party that approved of the digs in Lützerath - the “green” party. That’s the literal name, and they have a history of approving war, and now that they are in power (with 2 other parties), they also approve of destruction of nature.

Do you have a resource on the testing they did?

It was a German meta study of I believe 12 studies where placebo was tested against both synthetic ADs and St. Johns Wort (which is what I take). That was 13 years ago. I try to see what I can find.

This. But without joking. Absolutely this. The more I find out about my depression and my anxiety, the more I understand that it’s not an illness, it’s being mindful of the current reality that makes me suffer.

Typical antidepressants are meant to manipulate serotonine levels. However, there is to this day not one study that clearly shows that there is a connection between serotonine levels and depression. Those pills, however, really make you complacent. Many people report “feeling less” and being “emotionally numb” after taking them.

Right now, even primary care physicians are giving these pills out like candy. So many people take these pills. Ridiculous numbers from the UK: 17% are taking antidepressants, and 13% are on opioid pain prescriptions. That is absolutely mind boggling.

I only ever took plant based antidepressants, and the older I get, the more happy I am about that decision. Before anyone wants to say that those can’t work: They were tested to be almost equally effective, but without the side effects. And I wasn’t getting numb or anything, and I still have my libido. (Edit: Though, I should mention: Them being tested as equally effective doesn’t mean they have a good effect. Just to be sure to not appear as saying that either of these two options - natural or synthetic - are tested to be very effective. Sadly not.)

I don’t know how so many people are fine with this world. Day after day, I find myself to be more and more other-worldly about this reality. So often I try to tell myself that it can’t really be that bad, and that it somehow will turn out to be okay some day. But I don’t think so… anymore. I think we are on the bring of a big collapse.

Sorry for the rant, but… that’s how I see things lately. I hope for the best, though.

Mines from 2009. I’m going to watch the very last lumen out of it.

Do you have any interesting links from your research? Are there people who actually use it for all these things?

Yeah. Right. Of course. Just what humanity needed. Even more bland and stereotypically narrated audio books.

Audio books can be great. Not every kind of text is fit for audio books, but those who are (for example Dune by Frank Herbert), can greatly benefit from an actor narrating the story and playing each character while understanding the story.

I only know the German edition of the Dune audio books, but damn… are they well made. I can’t recommend them enough.

Pastiera napoletana is the dish you are looking for

This looks delicious, indeed! :)

But I meant literal wheat grains simply cooked to be eaten like rice. Technically speaking, you can eat any wheat grain like that, though you seem to be right that some wheat varieties need longer cooking times.

This is true for durum wheat (“durum” means hard in latin). This wheat seems to be used for pasta and bulgur, and both are pre-cooked. “Common wheat” (in Germany called “Weichweizen”: soft wheat) seems to have only a fraction of the cooking times. This includes dinkel wheat, which seems to be rather quick to cook.

I have no idea about the nutritional differences between those. But nevertheless, very interesting to think about the implications of wheat variets on cooking energy.

I’m not really enjoying this argument. The way I understand it, you argue against this way of saving energy, because you personally think that another way of saving energy should be preferred. I say, let people discuss this topic and then decide for themselves.

Also, what about a vegan who tries to save all kinds of energies? Should they not do that for some reason? I kinda get the feeling that you think that vegans shouldn’t be doing any more, because they are doing enough. Is that how you see it? If not, sorry, then I misunderstood you.

Pasta is essentially just fancy wheat. We could cook wheat like we cook rice. That would leave out the pasta making process and therefor way less energy usage. If we soak the whole wheat before (like we soak beans), it would be even less energy usage.

Interesting thought. In order to use way less energy, we could start to use way more basic food for the most part of the week, and maybe - for preservation of culture and also for joy and taste - have one day where we feast “old school”.

I think the energy could be dramatically lowered.

Also, because I today was buying kitchen stuff… there are double walled pots who save a ridiculous amount of energy as well, you need a quarter, not more. They are insulated. For whole wheat or rice, it’s enough to heat up water to boiling temp, and then just switch off the heat and let the isolation do its thing. But instead of these very nice and useful pots, everyone has single walled ones, and most people are not even using the lid - which easily cuts energy usage in half.

Sadly, those double walled pots are rather rare and incredibly pricey.

I just hope they - somehow - find a solution for the problem that you can’t verify a build as of now. It was apparently not really easy to do with software, but with hardware? It seems almost impossible. But in order to be really sure that what you see is what you get - we need that verification.

Don’t ask me how that would even be possible. Because every solution my buddies and I have thought of is impossible or means to have hardware that is akin to the state of things roughly 50 years ago and extremely slow.

I’m simply using text files with markdown. Extremely portable, syncing is done by whatever I’m using to sync, and you can use it on any device.