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  • Not higher risk in this case! This should actually lower risk by raising the bar for everyone:

    The new regulation excludes individuals who have had protected or unprotected anal intercourse with a new sexual partner in the past four months, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

    This hedges against sexual tourism, with further restrictions on donors who have recently gotten tattoos or tick bites, which can be potential vectors for disease.

    This is good, as blood-borne pathogens are on the rise in different populations these days, and this will keep recipients safer.

  • One of my buddies suffered from the same problem. He was left out and generally held at arms length until he was shown love, or at least understanding. He flipped almost overnight and realized how grave his mistakes were. He ended up becoming a teacher and hopes to help students before they made the same sort of mistakes he did when his teachers were shitty to him. Props to him for breaking the cycle.

    He still regrets how far he pushed some people away, and the actions he took as a teen. But he is much happier now and we have mended our friendships with him.

  • Basically, everyone has a Mii/xbox avatar unique to them, like a physical username, called a persona/fursona. Some people get extremely expensive custom suits of their fursona. It’s semi like anime fans, but not tied to corps, very decentralized. It got started in the 70s and 80s with sci-fi cons where people gathered for disney-esque animal cartoons and comics, and has roots in importing anime to the US.

    The furry community is somewhat like a church with various chapters, you can join furry chats in various cities and countries to quickly form a social network wherever you go. In the US, there tend to be city chats, state chats, regional chats, and national/international chats. These cover a broad range of interests from coin collecting to mountain biking and skiing, but the common thread is that everyone is a furry.

    Conventions occur and are like a cross between a family reunion, blackout party, and university classes where panels are taught on things like fursuit building, drawing, car meetups, pilot meetups, doctor meetups, etc. It’s like a networking and party event on steroids.They are fun as hell and occur all over the world, ranging from a few hundred people to over 15,500 people. They have been growing dramatically since 2016. Cons usually partner with local animal charities and tend to donate tens of thousands of dollars each con.

    It tends to be a very welcoming and open community, drawing a significant portion of the population that is LGBTQ. Last time I checked, this was about 2/3rds of the population.

  • Stay and vote. The way I see it, Canada is fucked if PP wins anyways, and will be hurt by Trump regardless. Europe is fucked if the alt right wins in France and hobbles Germany in the next couple elections. Nigel Farage is going to parasitically eat the conservatives from the inside out in the UK. Trump will pull put of NATO, which means war on Europe’s doorstep and probably all of south east Asia if China decides they don’t mind war.

    Running isn’t going to work. Voting and protesting and political action is what will keep us all at peace and ever vigilant against populism and later, fascism. All hope isn’t lost. We still can undo the damage and categorically reject hate and corruption that is threatening democracies worldwide (and already dooming authoritarian countries with massive population gaps and economic damage)