Currently a Network Engineer student. Linux user, FOSS fan. Self-hoster. General nerd. Also into environmentalism.

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I self host various services and sites, and Gitea is one of my favorites. If this will help them grow, all power to them.

I’ve used Ubuntu and it’s various flavors, Arch and a few of it’s variants, Gentoo even. Fedora is the distro I keep coming back to for my main workstation, along with KDE it works pretty great.

Yes. There are too many terrible books out there, just look at the self help section of any typical bookstore.

Oh yay, yet another notes app… Notes-up for one example already has notebooks, tagging and colors as well and is open source.

This makes me sad. Another thing of note, I run a Conduit server (lighter Matrix basically) and I see spam bots trying to create accounts all the time (via the logs). If anyone here thinks of running their own, don’t enable registration!

It’s a way to isolate an app and it’s dependencies. This is done for security reasons and portability, but I suspect it has more to do with the fact that most developers are too lazy to make something work bare metal on every platform there is out there.

Again? This is at least two times now. I switched to Buttercup because they just use a file you upload to any cloud service (you can even set up your own webdav if you don’t want any company having that file).

Edit: Oh I see. This hack is worse, last time I heard it was leaked passwords and emails.

I’m actually really excited about all this

Wow. A part of me wants to know what kvjxq was saying lol.

I love emoji reactions, it’s my favorite feature on Discord.

Vegan.btw would have been a cleaner better domain name IMO. I’m guessing though that isn’t a tld people can use.

Depending on how you feel about Google and privacy, having your Lemmy comments indexed could be seen as a negative thing.

Yeah, because legumes (a plant) have no protein whatsoever…

With the projected 75% of the world's population living in Urban centers by 2050, forecasters are pushing for "bolstering" nature within cities for resiliency and economic reasons.