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I do prefer toned down colours and shapes. Thank you 😊

  1. lemmy.paxanimi.club для русскоязычных постов. Однако он пока совсем малыш, нужно развивать (постить чаще)

  2. Пока можно подписаться только в виде RSS либо через Mastodon. На Лемми основной фокус это сообщества

  3. Jerboa, Lemmur вам в помощь 😌

::: spoiler more pics ![](https://beehaw.org/pictrs/image/fa650903-6d55-4849-812d-40ed59fa61b1.jpeg) ![](https://beehaw.org/pictrs/image/675cc69d-7a62-4204-80a3-94338143d5fa.jpeg) ::: ___ 40% Merino, 25% Rayon, 25% poly-amide, 10% Kashmir

Pff… you get that much for doing quests during seasonal story line. About money: yeah, it’s gatcha, kids gambling, whales show off their petty wealth - all is true.

About money specifics I don’t really know, never cared enough

Once I get adventure game with that deep story and graphics quality (or could finally run Zelda BoW on Steam deck) I’m out. I’m seeing new games in the space but they’re not there yet

Try filling up a horizontal 3 ml syringe tube drop by drop, you’ll get bubbles, make it meter long and you’ll get a lot of bubbles no matter the water velocity

If you consider pipes between containers to be that long / narrow, the whole structure to be in the air (not vacuum) and edges of the pipes to be 90 degrees as in the picture, assuming the liquid is regular water, the water flow from the tap should be larger than what the pipe could move (if it can move water at all and not bubble clog due to straight edges) – hence the 1 container should be first to fill up

I think you can subscribe to a community in Jerboa if you open community’s page and tap on a little gray tick next to its name

Contributing content to platforms … is risky

I do agree with that. However, I’d argue it’s because users often aren’t that mindful about their own data. Once you start “claiming” the rights for your data, it quickly becomes obvious that open source software provides much better offerings. Hence, you choose FOSS whenever possible.

Yes, companies are exploiting that lack of consumer knowledge and here it’s the place of government to step in and show that they (or we as in electorate) care about people’s rights in terms of data ownership. In fact, we can already see that data-rights-awareness is growing and in the next few years we may expect dramatic increase in openness of consumer data ownership.

Current society systems including economic systems driven by market/trade leads to unjust, very unequal society

There’s a lot of work to be done, that is true but I don’t see anything unresolvable in software industry. Yes, maybe only our children will see the solutions rolled out on the full scale… Yet, I hope they’re going to be as grateful to our generation as we’re to the lovely nerd community who brought the gift of open source to us through time.

we should remember to never contribute to profit-driven projects

It’s puzzling to me. I believe that without profit-driven companies there simply wouldn’t be open alternatives. In examples: without for profit encyclopedias – there would be no market for wikipedia; without Reddit – no Lemmy; without AT&T Unix – no Linux; etc

I would be interested to hear what prompted you for this arguably radical suggestion…

Yes! this is a great resource on countries regulation 👍

I also found this website quite helpful: https://www.openbankingtracker.com/ It focuses on specific banks and API aggregators

You left the society you could improve and seek to destroy the one you’re currently in. There’s no “improvement” on your part

Do you know any banks supporting Open Banking APIs?

I don’t get it. You understand that nationalizing a power plant costs money, right?

Also, keep in mind that government in any country is very inefficient, so whatever it buys or sells going to be very overpriced

  1. Fourth phase: if the country is prosperous, then it’s communism. If not, you are a capitalist scank and I’m gonna judge you from my high horse no matter what you have done to lift people out of poverty /s

Gotcha, mate. You’re fine taking credit from industrialisation and exploiting people as long as it serves the red flag but unable to accept that communism might ever fail no matter how red the flag is

It doesn’t sound convincing and probably going to enrage protesters even more…

Well, that way you’re able to follow the plot i.e. remember what’s going on and don’t need recaps

Also, if you’re travelling or have to wait for many hours, by binge watching you can make the time very manageable

More info: https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/plugin-js-draw-integration/27114 More about Joplin: https://www.techradar.com/reviews/joplin