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bookstack wiki is a good idea, and i’d imagine we could use the wiki for a few different things

there are a few federated type blog platforms i think and plume. Of course there’s demand for another fedi instance, akkoma is nice

some kind of real time chat would be helpful in building community also, Matrix has a lot of server overhead, i like IRC but a lot of people just never use it. Xmpp is easy, but there are already a LOT of free well managed xmpp services, is pretty cool

but just having a nice lemmy instance is enough for now


except chinese and russian billionaires /s

Can we get some kind of general/random/off topic community? like f/lounge or f/poolside or some name that is solor punk themed, maybe it’s in front of my face but don’t see a place i can just say ‘hi whatsup people’ anarka seapunk imageboard is an anonymous imageboard run by anarchists, come share you're vaporwave, glitch art and other a e s t h e t i c s on /wav/ there are also boards related to politics technology and other topics

manmade horrors beyond my comprehension if you ram the killer cop robot with your car is that 'assaulting a police officer?