Ce să vă zic, mă, bine ați venit? bine ați venit, rău ați nimerit. La locu’ ăsta îi zice șerpărie, de la șerpii care umblă pe-aicea. Dracu’ știe cum au ajuns…

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@0x815 Interesting links. I’m gonna save them. However, the inclusion of some authoritarian states at the top (like Belarus or UAE) - make me warry to say that democracy alone can make societies more equal. I think that rather capitalistic societies with strong social policies have a tendency to be more equal.

Nevertheless, communism itself indeed lowers the social inequality - albeit through rather questionable methods like abolishing people’s private property or persecuting people based on their wealth - but only at first. Over time, the newly formed elite can and will abuse the principles underlying communism to their own benefit, as they are left unchecked - essentially turning itself into a new ruling class (i.e. the very thing they were against). This is why authoritarianism is flawed at its core and can never be a solution to corruption and socio-economical inequality.

On a personal note, I’ve yet to visit The Ceaușescu’s Palace in Primăverii neighborhood whenever I have time. I’ll probably leave a personal opinion on it in a beehaw weekly, but I’m sure I’ll find lots of stuff that was not even remotely available to the general population back then, like AC (which only gained popularity in the 2000s) or underfloor heating (not to mention the pool inside).


Romania’s Govt. sweetens its offer to teachers in strike
[www.romania-insider.com/govt-s…](https://www.romania-insider.com/govt-sweetens-offer-teachers-strike-may-2023) [Unpaywalled article](https://archive.ph/0mwX8)

@Ninmi Seems like a huge blow. I do not see any other way for the democratic opposition out there than to go underground

@Hirom It really is one of the most popular archive formats on Windows. Because of WinRAR. In fact, the popularity of the formats on Windows seems directly proportioned with software usage over time (i.e. WinRAR, WinZIP - where zip is now native since a long time - 7-zip etc.)

tar.gz et all are really just alien for the vast majority of Windows users, especially the non techie ones.

@Hirom They seem to support these too

In addition…
We have added native support for additional archive formats, including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and many others using the libarchive open-source project. You now can get improved performance of archive functionality during compression on Windows.

I wonder though if you can also create these files, or you can only use it to unarchive these.


Thunderbird has a new logo
♲ [mastodon.online/@thunderbird/1…](https://mastodon.online/@thunderbird/110425399168336823)

Greenpeace Russia Closes After Being Banned as ‘Undesirable’ Group

@0x815 oh, yea, forgot about this. This makes sense the target Sandu made to 2030 for EU accession.

The High Stakes of NATO’s Vilnius Summit

@0x815 I am amazed how many people gathered there. The support for EU accession really is high. I wasn’t expecting that many people to gather, despite being a government supported rally, basically.

@ThePhoenixFire That’s why it feels more natural for me to lean backwards while at the office.

Exxon Joins Hunt for Lithium in Bet on EV Boom
[www.wsj.com/articles/exxon-joi…](https://www.wsj.com/articles/exxon-joins-hunt-for-lithium-in-bet-on-ev-boom-1d72cdd6?mod=hp_lead_pos5) [Unpaywalled link](https://archive.ph/DchfQ)

@DerPapa69 The alternative to Ukrainians laying down weapons and accepting the denazification sounds even worse for them. They are really determined to fight and eager to get their lands back at any cost.

And as a Romanian, I cannot condemn them myself either for that - we had our own portion of land that was ripped away by Moscow (yes, I am referring to Moscow in order to simplify things, since it’s the same leadership, roughly) and we never got it back to this day.

And by land I do not mean only the land as you would imply, but also the inhabitants there. Would you agree for a foreign power to literally rip away parts of your country due to it not agreeing with your government and forcefully assimilating people there?

@admin @Troy there are no third party clients for Bitwarden though afaik, at least on Android. And if they are, I’m pretty sure they are just forks of the main app. I mostly use/used third party clients when low on space (nowadays I have a whopping 128GB of storage but when I had just 16, whatever was above 50MB was just too much for me if it wasn’t justified - i.e. if there was something lighter doing whatever I needed).

Russian Reacts to Russia in Family Guy

Nigel Farage: ‘Brexit has failed’

@0x815 well, guess they don’t have a choice in this regard either…

@0x815 Yea. One interesting thing to mention here is that his Hungarian origin makes him an easy target for our traditionalists as well. As having this origin clearly means he’s in to “steal” Transylvania and give it to Hungary (sic).

Salman Rushdie warns free expression under threat in rare public address after attack

eBay, one of the global leaders in online commerce, together with the National Company ,Romanian Post’', will launch a national program dedicated to Romanian SMEs.

The official announcement and explanation of how this partnership will be developed will be made by representatives of the two companies next week, on 23 May.

“eBay is one of the world’s leading online commerce platforms and is used successfully by millions of people around the world. Today, the company announced a surprise partnership with Romanian Post to launch a national program dedicated to Romanian SMEs. Details of the programme are to be announced next week. What is certain is that we will succeed in offering Romanian entrepreneurs access to a global market and facilitate the sale of products and services on the eBay platform,” said Sebastian Burduja, Minister for Digitalisation.

He added that the Romanian Post will play an important role in this partnership, supporting SMEs to deliver products in a timely manner.

“Through this programme, Romanian companies will be able to expand their business, increase their revenues and develop a stronger online presence. The partnership between eBay and Romanian Post will have a positive impact on the Romanian economy, contributing to increased exports of Romanian products,” added the Minister.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

eBay and the Romanian Post will sign a partnership dedicated to Romanian Small-to-Medium Businesses

@sexy_peach ah, Soros. That strawman of every extremist.

@Otan That’s great. There’s a lot of hardware that can be used really well by Ukraine in keeping the Russians at bay.

@0x815 the 1990-2008 really was a haven period for us, the folks in Eastern Europe. I remember a video from Recorder where someone said that the Snagov Declaration may not have been possible without the USSR implosion and the Moscow still bordering us (Ion Iliescu, our first more or less democratically elected president, was even hoping for closer ties with it, initially, before its collapse was more than evident).

Nowadays we have a far-right party called AUR led by a controversial figure who met FSB agents in the past is already the third option in the votes, according to recent polls. I am highly concerned that, once they get to power, among others, they will just halt aid for Ukraine indefinitely and push for efforts of taking us out of the EU and out of NATO.

@sexy_peach what if that is not a bug, but rather a feature?

@Hirom Welp, thank god they’re already on a place where this is not an issue. @Bellingcat is alive and kicking

@alyaza Just throttle everyone to Mastodon already, goddammit! Or Calckey. Or other Fediverse servers.

@0x815 Yea. I’m following Roman (NFKRZ) on YT and he says that it is hard as hell to get asylum. And if you don’t get it from the first time, you’ll have even less chances further going.

@0x815 what happens in Russia now is a silent humanitarian crisis and we should be aware of it. It’s easy to label every Russian as killer, orc, murderer, criminal etc. And many of them are deliberately supporting the war and Putin’s regime. Yet many others are just deprived of their voices, of their choice. They did whatever they could to prevent this situation from happening, yet failed.

I genuinely do hope they will be able to get asylum wherever they can, until the whole madness ends.

@prefec2 @sexy_peach exactly. It’s like he bought his lane or something.

@gloating_swann wtf, what would that meaningful harm even mean?!? having someone die because of it? starting meaningless protests over fake news? civil wars? rigging entire democracies altogether? where the hell would the harm start being meaningful in the first place?

“The first time we started requiring driver’s licenses, it was after many dozens of people died in car accidents, right?” Schwarz said. “And that was the right thing,” because “if you would’ve required driver’s licenses when there were the first two cars on the road,” then “we would have completely screwed up that regulation.”

What kind of fucked up example even is that? Back then you could only be hit by a car if you walked towards it. Nowadays the fastest car can go even 300-500 km/h - faster than a plane taking off. You sure do not need regulation when there’s no risk associated with something, but in a world where entire democracies are affected and autocrats and dictator wannabes are overly happy even with those conventional methods already on the market, there’s already a high risk of stuff going awry.

@sexy_peach Whenever you feel too angry about cars, you can watch this video of a tram deliberately hitting a BMW blocking it’s right of way at the traffic light


(no person was injured, but they had quite a dispute, and went both at the police station as the car driver was really agressive as well)

Russian troops fall back to ‘defensive positions’ near Bakhmut

Exclusive: Britain has delivered long-range ‘Storm Shadow’ cruise missiles to Ukraine ahead of expec


@Lost_Wanderer@beehaw.org wrote:

Sounds dangerously fun

It is, yea! xd

Have fun if you ever decide playing it, haha.

@hellfire103 Probably none of the things I would do today, but were fun back then while I was a kid.

We were a group of kids of various similar ages who would play various games outside, among which I can still recall:

  • hide&seek
  • leapsha (I don’t know how to translate this in English, but basically you would all run away from another person, and if that person would touch you and say you are!, you would be the one everyone would run away from)
  • 1,2,3, stand at the wall (where one of you would stand at a wall and say the phrase, then turn around. The others would try to get to you, but if you happen to see someone moving, you’d tell that person and they would need to get back to the starting point)
  • country, country we want recruits (I know it might sound wrong to some of you, but it’s really fun. You split into two groups, then hold each other tight in a line. One of the group shouts Country, country, we want recruits!. The other replies who? and the first one replies with the name of someone in the second group. Then, the person called runs towards the group who was calling, between two of its members. If these persons manage to stop the runner, then the runner will join their group. If they do not, the runner returns to the original group. The side who gets only one person left, naturally, loses)
  • “Lapte gros” or “thick milk” (I don’t quite know the rules by heart myself, but you can read an explainer and see a video here - I never really played it myself, so my limbs are pretty much intact)

Then I was also watching a lot on Cartoon Network, we had cartoons like Ed, Edd & Eddy, Life with Louie, Scooby Doo, The Cramp Twins, Tom&Jerry, Looney Tunes etc.

Then some of my friends had bikes and we would compete against each other on a few streets around my neighborhood (that’s how I know that place so well I don’t even need a map to get around, lol).

I still ride my bike sometimes, but now I live at the top of a 10-floor building and it’s really inconvenient for me to get my bike up&down all the time (I cannot get it into the elevator either). So I mostly prefer to get outside and walk.

Indeed, for a teenager like you seem to be, it would be more fun to hang around with some friends, so why not just bring them over and play something 😁 Edit: you can also buy a ball if you can find one at a store.

Just make sure you don’t trash your house or something, haha.

Play safe!

Okay, sorry for the delayed answer. It seems Russia actually tried to get some peace talks going, but they failed. Nevertheless, given the war in Ukraine, Russia lost its credibility as a force, so I think it was natural for both sides to call another party to mediate talks.

@alyaza@beehaw.org wrote:

still(?) have peace keepers in artsakh

Yes, they do have peace keepers, but they cannot do anything against the blocade tactics employed by Baku

@0x815 Couldn’t upvote more. Has been said time and time again. Also, whenever I see an article like this, I remember this story about Duginism.

It’s mind boggling how today’s Moscow managed to blend so well aspects of communism with extremist nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia, all to serve as a basis of its neoimperialism.

@rysiek @gloating_swann If I were you, I’d log in right away. Otherwise how would my followers know that I’ll be more active on status.net going forward 😆

Tamura Corporation plans to manufacture electronic components in Romania

@Peter1986C or a calckey server for that matter. Doesn’t really matter 😁

Social media company VK reportedly developing app to replace Tinder in Russia

US hosts Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks

Don’t shut door on foreigners, migrants, Pope Francis says in Hungary

Russia stops reporting official oil and gas extraction data

The Sino-Indian Rivalry Is Reshaping Asia

U.S. issues fresh charges over alleged Moscow influence campaign

![Image/photo](https://preview.redd.it/o4fr8b8no4ua1.jpg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=4997ae1139c75f5248a7aaed8507b24ee70c29e1) ![Image/photo](https://preview.redd.it/g08eqa8no4ua1.jpg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=cb530f7b674750ce79365a3996ebc6f535f1f81b)

TPBI starts consulting the market for the purchase of 250 new trams, of which 100 are 36m and 50 are

TPBI consults the market for the purchase of 250 new trams, of which 100 are 36 meters and 50 are 45

Finland joins NATO in the alliance’s fastest-ever accession process

Finland to officially join Nato on Tuesday, Stoltenberg confirms

NATO: Hungarian Parliament ratifies Finland’s membership

NATO: Hungarian Parliament ratifies Finland’s membership

17 children, who were forcibly transferred to Russia from occupied territories, return to Ukraine. O

Transparency International shutters its Russia office

Russian Finance Ministry to impose a one-time tax on all large companies except oil and coal concern

Russian Finance Ministry to impose a one-time tax on all large companies except oil and coal concern

Moldova Smashes Pro-Moscow Subversion Ring - Police

Moldova Smashes Pro-Moscow Subversion Ring - Police

A petition on President Volodymyr Zelensky’s website asked Ukraine to officially rename Russia to Mu

Russian Ministry of Justice declares World Wildlife Fund, economist Sergey Guriev ‘foreign agents’
♲ [masto.ai/@meduza\_en/1100009835…](https://masto.ai/@meduza_en/110000983513102453)

Russian Ministry of Justice declares World Wildlife Fund, economist Sergey Guriev ‘foreign agents’
♲ [masto.ai/@meduza\_en/1100009835…](https://masto.ai/@meduza_en/110000983513102453)

Georgian parliament votes to reject ‘foreign agents’ bill in second reading

Thousands in Tbilisi rally against ‘foreign agents’ law which could prevent Georgia from joining EU

Thousands in Tbilisi rally against ‘foreign agents’ law which could prevent Georgia from joining EU

After Putin’s patriotic rally, Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium no longer suitable for soccer

After Putin’s patriotic rally, Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium no longer suitable for soccer