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Solar-punk, at least the anarchist sub-current was sort of created as a counter to eco-terrorist tendencies in anti-civ / an-prim communities, to give people a positive alternative to what is a slippery slope to eco-fascism.

So no, I don’t think solar-punk warfare would be a good idea. However, seed bombing and other subversive forms of guerilla gardening are very much part of Solarpunk.

Crossgeposted von: https://lemmy.ml/post/413015 > Might be possible to use with Lemmy as well.

This was discussed before and I think the consensus was that this is out of scope for Lemmy for various reasons.

Sure, I understand. However it will be hard to find volunteers helping out if they can’t even understand what is on the website.

On a side-note: https://jix.im/ is a Polish operated free XMPP service that might be willing to put up a virtual host for your domain on their XMPP server.

Unions can play a vital role in taking over abandoned production facilities. If I remember correctly there were a lot of such cases in Argentina after the state default. Might be worth searching for some lessons learned.

Hmm, they seem to be very Polish language specific. Might be better to find someone there to help out.

I suspect that they just fail to understand federation 😏

Cool. Maybe add a T in the middle of those pipe floaters so that you can lower the batteries into them from above?

Seems like a cool idea. The propulsion will be solar-electric?

Maybe you can explain a bit better what makes it unique? I always thought it is just another blogging platform?

As for the other part of your question: social democracy and working though electoral reforms are mostly a scam, for why see this interesting discussion I shared here earlier: https://lemmy.ml/post/383181

A large body of the theoretical works of Anarchism precisely deals with revealing what you call “broader” truths (and social dynamics) hidden behind “reflective social” truths. “Debt, the first 5000 years” by the Anarchist David Graeber for example deconstructs the “reflective social” truth of money very well and is a highly recommend read.

Personally, I believe a new system can only “win” against capitalism if it is able to deconstruct the hidden false assumptions in it that are essential for it to have become a “reflective social truth”. Marx’s theories of surplus labor and worker alienation are a vital but sadly insufficient part of that.

Not federated (yet?) But there is a FOSS Deviant art alternative: https://github.com/Weasyl/weasyl

Pixelfed also has some community features and should work fine for art sharing.

No, some aspects of socialism overlap with (left) anarchism, but we do not have silly concepts like a natural progression from socialism to communism like some MLs believe.

Most anarchists believe in the marketplace of ideas, meaning that multiple systems can co-exist in parallel and that over time the ones providing the best conditions will attract the most participants.

Literally the book itself is the source. Go read it :p

So then don’t claim that I am wrong about it. Seriously, I am not going to spoonfeed you with Xi’s stupidities.

So now you are the one refusing to read up on the theory… funny.

I never claimed it was the “only” mandatory reading. Anyways, I hope you follow through and actually read his “thought”, because you will likely understand that I am right after reading it.

The joke is not about him looking like Winnie the Pooh (anymore), but about him being so small minded about it that he mobilized the state censoring apparatus against this meme. It really can’t get any more childish than that and he deserves any ridicule he gets about that.

For someone stanning Xi, you know surprisingly little about his “thought”. Read it yourself and you will see all the regressive Confucianism in it. Or if you (like most MLs) can’t read between the lines, do a simple Google search…

User level blocking Vs. moderation?
Is there a plan to prevent the issue that a moderator has individually blocked a user, but then is unable to see the posts of that user and moderate them should that become necessary? Maybe there could be a toggle to temporarily disable user blocks for communities one has to moderate?