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Another one ;) thinking about implications in society if proved and believed as true theory.

"The photons were contained in ultrashort laser pulses lasting just just 150 femtoseconds and were entangled by passing them through two so-called nonlinear optical crystals. A thin slab of barium borate first split a single photon into two of photons lower energy with correlated angular momenta. They were then entangled via their polarization, too, by sending them through a crystal of a yttrium-vanadium compound." Yeah...

Some thoughts about leaders in democracy

In short: we still don't know how the Computer has been turned on and the Program has been launched ;)

A tweak to quantum mechanics theory could let quantum possibilities increase as space expands. The expansion of space spells trouble for quantum mechanics, by presenting particles with a growing smorgasbord of options for where to be. Andrew Strominger and Jordan Cotler of Harvard University argue that a more relaxed principle called isometry can accommodate an expanding universe while still satisfying the stringent requirements that first made unitary a guiding light.

This is what I was thinking as well regarding the suggestion, not sure if that it is solvable…

Are we doomed or do you think there is a way out?

Frank Drake, Who Led Search for Life on Other Planets, Dies at 92
So - who has been running SETI@home screensaver in all the computers you could touch? ;)

Hi! Leave your email here - https://hackrsvalv.com . I can help for free as long as there are no hard deadlines

Interesting stuff regarding privacy and secrecy. Found via [rehacked](https://rehacked.substack.com/)