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  • This anti lawn tirade is kinda anti-kid to a degree.

    I see where you’re coming from, but I’d argue that more public parks with playgrounds and fields to play on is better than lawns. In some places that’s not prioritised, possibly where you are, and so it sounds great what you have going on!

    But if there are enough public parks for kids to play at, then lawns just end up being wasted space that could instead be a garden or have native plants that help the native wildlife, or something like that.

    I don’t know anyone that actually uses their lawn for anything… Some people might host BBQs or stuff like that, in which case I don’t mind. In my view, if it gets used, great! But most of the time they don’t and they just suck up water resources and petrol on mowing with no real benefit

  • New Zealand definitely has western influence, but at least we have MMP voting instead of First Past the Post, so we don’t have as strong of a two-party system. We also have a cost of living crisis but so does every western country. Our generally reasonable politics is one of the reasons why I’m not interested in moving to another country when so many of my friends are moving to Australia or the UK for higher salaries

  • Deafness covers a broad spectrum of hearing difficulty, not just completely deaf. Most people that identify as deaf still have some hearing. I always forget that and had the same question as you until I read a comment further down.

    It’s likely that the person isn’t fully deaf and so can still hear some music, but deaf enough that they can’t understand the lyrics. Having the ability to view the lyrics in real time is handy rather than having to search them up all the time. Spotify also shows what lyric is currently being sung in real time, whereas you can’t get that with a Google search.