The Earth Died Screaming

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Thanks for the review. Have it on my shelf but haven’t read it yet, will probably do so this winter.

Ok bud, please substantiate your extraordinary claims with some peer reviewed studies in known journals. Otherwise I’ll have to delete your comments

Hello friends, I am slowly getting into selfhosting and trying to convert my old Lenovo X230 laptop into a homeserver that I will use for backups, cloud storage and a few services for my friends. What's is your setup? What are you doing with it or what are you planning to do with it? P.S.: The laptop screen is usually turned off of course :)

Very clearly inspired by Malm’s stories in “How to blow up a pipeline”. You love to see it.

![light design]( ![dark design]( EDIT: SVG files linked below: [dark sticker]( [light sticker](