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  • zksmkMtoFreeCAD@lemmy.mlFreeCAD gets a logo upgrade
    28 days ago

    Have you been following any of the discussions regarding potential issues with the administration and moderation on ml?

    Can’t say I have.

    However, I originally made this community back in the day when lemmy.ml was basically the only instance, and have since then moved my account to another instance (2 years ago) specifically for those same reasons of lemmy.ml being… hmm… politically charged.

    I didn’t think of moving the community until now tbh, but that’s not really something I can do. At most I could sticky a link to another community, or delete this one (which would be overkill imo), but for that to happen there needs to be a different community to begin with and community interest for it to happen. The power’s all yours people. It’s up to you guys to show interest and initiative. Maybe make a post about this, and check if there’s interest, discuss where to move etc, a meta post like this is totally fine here on /c/freecad.

    Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, the community image did update after awhile, but in the wrong direction! It was the new logo on slrpnk.net/c/freecad@lemmy.ml for awhile, where my account is, but now I see that when the things synced the old lemmy.ml/c/freecad image overwrote the new one on slrpnk.net/c/freecad@lemmy.ml! I guess I can’t change the image as a mod from another instance. I will have to mod my old lemmy.ml account here now to change the image (and hopefully it will stick this time around, assuming it works at all) but I will have to make a bug report on github about this when I find the time.

    Sorry for the late reply tho.

  • I think you’d be better off using the Boolean XOR tool from the same Split submenu (if you approach it from the Part menubar in the Part workbench), on your cube and your array, instead of the Slice apart tool.

    Then on the resultant XOR object use the Explode compound tool from the Compound submenu.

    You’ll get a folder with all your sliced parts in it.

  • It’s about all our data in aggregate, not about your friend’s data in particular.

    And yet it still affects your friend. How? Through other people. By having access to all that data the IT powers-that-be can easily build data models to manipulate people into many things, without them even realising it. Making political topics trend, encouraging harmful habits (like doom scrolling) and so on. That all leads to worse people getting elected, which leads to worse roads, worse taxes (higher/lower, whatever your friend thinks), more pollution and so on. That all affects your friend.

    Also, what your friend said is that they basically don’t care if other more vulnerable people get manipulated into all those things he said (wasting time, money, time is money btw, etc…) because they themselves aren’t affected. Do they think of themselves as a person that’s that self-absorbed/selfish? Probably not.

    And your friend might also say, yeah fine, whatever, but I’m also just a fish in the sea, me changing my approach won’t change anything for society. But do they vote?

    You have to lead by example. It has to start from somebody, it has to start from all of us. That’s how black people no longer had to sit in the back of the bus in the US. It started small. That’s how gay people get to marry. It started small. And that’s how people won’t get manipulated by their online feeds. It starts small.

    And if your friend is still, yeah, whatever, it doesn’t affect me, tell them about the: first they came for x, but I wasn’t an x, then they came for y, but I wasn’t a y, then they came for z, but I wasn’t a z, then they came for me, but there was nobody left to stand up for me.

    Your friend is encouraging behaviours that will bite either them in the ass, or their descendants one day. It will be a war, it will be a law, it will be climate change and a forest fire, that could have been prevented if people cared.

    And all it takes is a new messenger, new browser, a single add-on in it, and maybe a new website or two. They’re not being asked to be a superhero, just to use a different computer programme. And that’s all.

  • zksmktoPrivacy@lemmy.mlcommunity based ads
    2 years ago

    Those are called context-based ads or contextual targeting.

    The downside is it needs human intervention. It’s hard to automate it online, without it preserving the typical track-y nature of online ads (the ads would still be getting served from an ad server to the browser directly, and therefore still no privacy.

    It works if the ads are hard coded into the webpage by the publisher server-side, but then the advertiser has no idea how many views the ad got, and therefore how much to pay for the ad space… which means the advertiser needs human intervention to decide how much to pay by a guesstimate, which means this whole scheme can’t work for small random websites in an automated fashion.

    It might, and that’s a mighty precarious might, work with some kind of crazy blockchain scheme (y’know, that whole distributed consensus thing… lol… an actual use for blockchain for once?!), but unlikely, very unlikely…

    Basically , I’m all for it as an alternative to donations or volunteering if they aren’t possible , but you need to actually attract advertisers that want to advertise on your website first.

  • …but do not seem to bear any tangible meaning. Like, what is force, work/energy, field, matter?

    Contrary to what some people might expect from physics, it’s a lot more philosophical, than just tangible. These terms are in some ways more philosophical than material, and I guess that’ s the part that’s confusing you.

    I guess in general, with physics you’re dealing with a different set of philosophical categories than with maths, it’s less abstract logic and sets, and is more about actions and reactions.

    And in the words of people more eloquent than me, physics is a story written in the language of maths, that’s their difference, as well. It’s like grammar vs a screenplay. Technically, they’re both linguistics, but very very different at the same time.

    On those notes, force is just defined as an “influence that can change the motion of an object”, sort of like in common every day parlance. Force is a thing that makes changes in the world. Energy is the ability to create those forces.

    Field is something that fully permeates 3D space and exists there with its changeable local properties. It’s what enables the existence of matter in space. Matter is an “excitation”, a value lump, a value spike, in that field in a specific location. Think of it like a math graph with a small bunch of values in a specific part of it, matter in a field. And so on…

    …mystical/mythical (dark matter, anti matter…

    I don’t think these two are particularly mystical. Dark matter is just a phrase we invented for the fact we notice the gravity of a lot of matter when observing the way the galaxies rotate, but we don’t see any of that matter. Therefore we conclude, there must be some matter that has mass/gravity but can’t be seen, i.e. doesn’t interact with electromagnetic waves. That’s all, nothing spooky, just instead of protons, electrons etc… it’s a different type of matter.

    Similar with antimatter. Matter atoms are made from massive “positively” charged protons and small-massed “negatively” charged electrons. Antimatter is the opposite, made from massive “negatively” charged antiprotons and small-massed “positively” charged positrons. That’s it, it’s like chemistry or whatever. Different lego blocks. It’s just that matter and antimatter, once they collide, go boom and turn into photons and stuff so basically all the matter we have around us is regular matter because there was more of it in the early days of yore.

    … spacetime…

    I guess this one might bit a tad mystical, in the sense that time and space are philosophical concepts. I actually feel tho that once they’re combined like this into spacetime they become a lot more tangible and mathematical/geometric and easier to digest. In some ways.

    …I just don’t think Bell’s theorem has taken into account the entire possibility of hidden variables … I doubt myself on this one since Redditors downvoted this.

    Well considering the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2022 was just awarded two days ago to three scientists for establishing the violation of Bell’s inequalities, I’d say your judgment on trusting the more knowledgeable people on reddit was right. Unless you think you know more about the topic than Nobel laureates. ;)

    How do you get any pleasure (lol) from all of these?

    Some people enjoy chocolate, some enjoy vanilla, some enjoy strawberry. Some enjoy physics, some enjoy maths, some enjoy philosophy. We’re all different.

    Also, any study references? I found Feymann’s Lecture on Caltech’s website a bit too wordy.

    I actually think it’d be better for you to not dive straight into textbook style rigor, and instead watch some more fun physics youtubers once in a while, like the ol’ classics of Veritasium, Steve Mould, Smarter Every Day, PBS Spacetime, Fermilab etc… to build that physics intuition and perspective you seem to missing here, first. There’s a treasure trove of accessible fun content there.

  • You can make mastodon have a somewhat more similar feel to lemmy, if you do the following:

    Go to preferences > appearance and activate ”advanced web interface". Now if you do a search for a hashtag it will pop out a new column in the interface that you can now also pin, to stay. And in that column’s own settings you can now add multiple additional hashtags that will all display their results simultaneously in the same column.

    So now it’s like as if you have a home feed of multiple hashtags, the feed is topic based, and not person based, and in that sense, more similar to lemmy. It gets very laggy tho if you add more than 5-ish tags, the backend code is not designed for that.

    On your phone you can do the same, if you use Tusky. Just add a hashtags tab, and add multiple of them there. But not too many.

    Lemmy, however, is the only one with upvote based sorting, and truly designed for the general reddit feel.

  • Just one. The traffic gets randomly routed through the nodes. Gather your stats over a single exit node and you’ve got your stats for the whole network. The longer you gather your stats over the node the closer they are to the precise stats for the whole network.

    Just like you can poll 1000 random people and have a good, almost accurate, guess who’s the entire country gonna vote for.