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  • Yep, so many clients: I have this problem and an error pops up, I need immediate help.

    Me: Ok send me the data and the error log, and a description of what it is telling you on screen.

    Client: I forget what it said, i didn’t save the log, And i needed to keep working so I deleted the file and started again.


    Client: My set of files is doing this, and giving me this specific error.

    Me: Ah OK, that is a known issue, close all the fikes and open the top level only, open each sub fike one by one till the error pops up, that will be the culprit so run this clean up tool on that file only.


    Week later, Client : Im having that same error again, can you help?

    Me: That cleanup tool should have fixed it.

    Client: I didn’t have time to do those steps so I just kept working as is.

    me: hopefully a gangster shoots me in a drive by crossfire on the way home.

  • You could have medical anomolies that slow metabolism, so that weight loss is extremely difficult, but even then a reduction in caloric intake will cause weight loss. But somebody surviving on 2000 a day dropping 200 calories out is easy, compared to somebody sustaining on an 800 calorie diet and trying to cut 200 out.

    There are some meds like olanzipine? that tweak your metabolism and it uses calories more efficiently, therby causing weight gain on same caloric intake, so the remedy on that med is eat less calories

  • The thing with keto is when overweight people start they are overeating, and so dropping carbs puts them into calorie deficit for sustaining the bodily functions. Then forcing the body to have no quick fuel availble starts ketosis.

    But over eating on keto can keep you from losing weight. Look to the traditional diet Inuit First nation that survived in the tundra on meats and fats. They weren’t in ketosis

  • Fat can also trigger parts of your system to stop craving it, so you stop trying to aquire it by overeating. There are some science articles about it.

    Staving off constant hunger can be as easy as cooking up a lentil (daal) soup that has some oil/butter in it. The lentils make you get a very full satisfied feeling in the bowel and the fats hit the part that wants fats.