From 1st to 7th of April there will be a Solarpunk unconference in the Commons Hub located in the Austrian Alps. More information:

BattleMeshV15 [2023] - Wireless Battle of the Mesh @ Calafou (Barcelona, Spain) / 8th to 14th of May
The Battlemesh v15 will be hosted by the fabulous Calafou / colonia ecoindustrial postcapitalista members in Barcelona, Europe The community voted for this year's edition to take place from Monday 2023-05-08 to Sunday 2023-05-14. The Calafou compound is very spacious and offers plenty of room for hacking, workshops, socializing, building test beds and more!

Quite useful for self-registrations on a LDAP auth system. There is a branch that requires secret invite codes as well.

Defenders of Earth Unite 🦝🦊🦇
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Cruel optimism (and lazy pessimism)
I think this also belongs here.

Invisible Solar is a new PV technology that take on the appearance of any building material. Each Invisible Solar module is more than a photovoltaic panel, it also is an active architectural element with various functionality.