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  • Lack of education, and decades of brainwashing including an explicit underlying message purposely tied up in religion to benefit from that suspension of disbelief that everybody on the planet who isn’t a hardline far right Republican is explicitly part of a worldwide conspiracy against you specifically, low income white dude in BFE County, US with a population of 5,000, and every announcement, news story, discovery (scientific, archaeological, astronomical, doesn’t matter) is all fake to prop up the conspiracy against you specifically.

  • Not EXACTLY what you’re looking for, but Gloom is a super compact card game good for packing up. You each pick a family, and your goal is to make them miserable as possible before killing them off one by one. Your opponent can fuck you up by causing positive events in your families lives.

    There’s no narrative persay, but there’s a lot of fun to be had in narrating the cards as you play them, and throwing a little mustard on it or just trying to tie the events together as they play.