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  • Thank you for the reminder to go listen to his new album! Skimmed a few articles that say it’s outstanding.

    Edit: I’m back after a full listen through, start to finish. What an absolute banger of an album! The Best Eminem. Feels like a short time machine journey to the early 2000s but with modern references. Now I understand why at the end of the meme it’s all angry faces, lmao.

  • Scientists found a way to make cold brew in a few hours just recently. It even passed every blind taste test, too. I forget the machine name, but it’s also commonly used to clean jewelry, as well as use in a lab, for like $60.

    Edit: I went and found the old article, they used ultrasonic waves and it only took them 1-3 minutes depending on preference. Unfortunately after reading another article, it’s a modification they made to existing espresso machines. Their initial machine was around £15,000, and was overkill. Not sure how someone would be able to replicate at home. 🥲