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Did you try it? I’m still in the waiting list so I can’t say that but that’s what I thought. However, chatgpt is open so they could just train it, adopt it and offer it in their search too. Not sure what’s going on. And I’m not sure I’d want to see the power of google in the AI field.

This solution has already been implemented, it should just be imposed where it’s not used. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detention_basin

Iirc the only minor problem is with waterproof. But it’s enough to close a hole which is used for the barometer (or another minor sensor, not sure which one) and it becomes waterproof.

Check https://banglejs.com, the hw of the banglejs2 is exactly like an amazfit bip (which is great) but the firmware is open and programmable in js. Fyi the screen is transflective, which makes smartwatchces perfectly readable under sunlight without turning it on, like e-paper. It’s just lower in resolution bit it will last 30days without charging it.

Anche google adwords è stato giù due gg fa per svariate ore. Ma 48 ore son tante in effetti

You just need a chatgpt account to make it work. The text to voice quality is not that great but the answers make sense with it, compared to all dumb competitors, almost all the time.

At the moment, by analyzing sat images which started in 1979, it looks like the arctic ice is decreasing in size while the antarctic is not. Is that due to the fact that co2 producers are mostly located in the northern hemisphere? Or high altitude winds shuffle earth atmosphere so much that it is not relevant where co2 comes from?

Why should anyone go back to the old ways if they’re making you depend on some other country? Renewables make any country independent forever, it’s not something temporary. It’s like current Ukraine Russia war, you can decide stop buying gas all together without waiting for the war to end. Oil and gas will disappear one day, we consume them faster than nature can produce them, that’s a clear fact. So Lebanon should just start new businesses to recycle those panels, it’s about new jobs! And not that dirty, it’s not rubbish. Regarding the link it was suggested from youchat on you.com, you can try yourself, it’s a new way to search the web

Or the same way delicio.us did? That’s how the internet works


It looks ad-driven. How much is 1tb HD today?

Terabox: 1TB free cloud storage
After degoo shriked its size from 100gb to 20gb, it's time to try another storage. Terabox offers now 1tb. [https://www.terabox.com](https://www.terabox.com)

Prepariamoci ai 6" 8k anche se so che 854 x 480 pixels già avanzavano su quei pollici…

Mips died, Android drops support for MIPS, then RISC-V gets created after MIPS ashes and android adds support for risc-v, correct?

Tools like youwrite are impressive now ( [https://you.com/search?q=how+to+write+well&&tbm=youwrite](https://you.com/search?q=how+to+write+well&&tbm=youwrite) ) so we'll need some countermeasures to detect whether an AI has been used or not with tools like [https://huggingface.co/openai-detector](https://huggingface.co/openai-detector) Source: [https://medium.com/geekculture/how-to-detect-if-an-essay-was-generated-by-openais-chatgpt-58bb8adc8461](https://medium.com/geekculture/how-to-detect-if-an-essay-was-generated-by-openais-chatgpt-58bb8adc8461)


A real breakthrough almost ready for production [https://peertube.uno/w/jH4G6icEbWxnkir3AhRtpJ](https://peertube.uno/w/jH4G6icEbWxnkir3AhRtpJ)

Everyhing in our houses can be run by electricity, from heating to hot water and cooktops. That makes me think natural gas can only be useful to produce electricity in gas power plants. Electricity higher efficiency and lower leaking or dispersion, suggests a win-win situation.

How much is it a vanilla wire transfer?
If I wanted to create a bank and to offer the possibility to transfer money from one account to another bank, what fees should I consider? I'm referring to swift/other circuits licenses, aws server fee, etc... I'm referring to basic costs, not app development or website dev

[https://ildolomiti.it/montagna/2022/sciare-sulle-dolomiti-per-lonu-tra-14-anni-potrebbe-diventare-impossibile-tra-neve-bagnata-e-carenza-energetica](https://ildolomiti.it/montagna/2022/sciare-sulle-dolomiti-per-lonu-tra-14-anni-potrebbe-diventare-impossibile-tra-neve-bagnata-e-carenza-energetica) [https://www.ildolomiti.it/economia/2022/riflettiamo-sul-sistema -neve-innevamento-programmato-lacqua-e-loro-blu-impianti-in-quota-utili-per-ridurre-il-traffico-gli-industriali-sul-caro-energia-e-linverno](https://www.ildolomiti.it/economia/2022/riflettiamo-sul-sistema-neve-innevamento-programmato-lacqua-e-loro-blu-impianti-in-quota-utili-per-ridurre-il-traffico-gli-industriali-sul-caro-energia-e-linverno)

4G and 5G, with hundreds of GB included in their data plan, are closing the digital divide at a fast pace. If necessary, they can be compared to DSL connections which are enough for most home use cases.

The same way you used to offer you're DSL connection via WiFi, you can now offer it via LTE, and you can connect to it with an e-sim world wide. [https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/6/23389641/ukama-open-source-cell-network-internet](https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/6/23389641/ukama-open-source-cell-network-internet)