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  • Their plan was Kamala. She was their backup option. She is young and the entire discussion when she was chosen was how she would be there when Biden steps down or backs out after four years like he said he was going to do. I’m not saying she was at all a good choice. She has too much baggage and nowhere near broad appeal. Is it pathetic that some of that has to do with her being a woman? And a woman of color at that? Of fucking course. But I don’t think the democrats even really acknowledge that out of fear of it ever being leaked that it was discussed and the news cycle being weeks of “dems racist.” Its performative bullshit. I think they desperately want to be the party to elect the first woman, and they were willing to back door her via Biden. But that’s a stupid plan that doesn’t get to the heart of the issue of our lack of diversity in executive politics.

    But here we are, just like we had with Ginsberg. She was too stubborn to step down when she was clearly dying. And we got a lifetime appointment in Barrett. Now, Biden is refusing to step down and we’re about to get a lifetime sentence of emperor trump.

  • I work in production in NYC. 18hr days aren’t unheard of, unfortunately. When it’s coupled with the rest of the grueling schedule, it can literally kill you. The unions have been trying to get our schedules made more logical for a long time. But the entire industry is built around this type of schedule. Gear gets rented by the day, so that entire business is modeled around that insane schedule, the spaces they rent to shoot are done by the day so getting a job done in one day is how that entire business is modeled…and we are contracted for the day and can only accept the one job/day, so our entire careers are built around this structure.

    SNL, however, is a notoriously terrible job to work on. It’s known for being a massive headache, where you will work extra long hours deep into the night because they don’t start until too late in the day and because shit is getting planned and added on the fly. And they have a grueling level of quality, where you’re expected to get done in one day what would normally take days. And then you all gotta stay around to break it all right back down and get all that stuff returned to wherever they rented it from.

    We can handle long days when we start early, that’s normal for us. But when they start pushing us back it really gets to be difficult. Because a lot of us get booked on a different job the next day, so you’re just losing your turnaround time for the following job. This life definitely isn’t for everyone.

  • Not to mention, those extra years were undoubtedly due to the cutthroat environment of landing in prison and having to learn to survive. It’s a goddamn trope in movies/tv. In fucking sitcoms. Prison forces people to become criminals or else be brutalized.

    So she was drugged, forced into confessing flimsily, sent to prison as a mentally unwell person, and had to survive. Those violence charges against her should’ve been thrown out immediately after they realized she was never supposed to be there in the first place.

    This fuckin system in this fucking country…

  • I mean, I don’t think this old babbling windbag should be the candidate either.

    But my thing is, who do the democrats even have to run in place of him? Kamala would lose in a landslide because this is the US and she’s a woman of color (not to mention a cop, so you lose both the left and the “centrist” closeted racist dems and anyone that was still somehow weighing a trump vote (they exist, somehow)), and everyone else in the party has limited appeal. Not to mention the incumbent advantage.

    We shouldn’t be in this position, no matter what. But we are. And we have to face facts that giving up the standard white guy, which is the only kind of candidate that has ever won (except that one time, but that’s seeming more and more like a fluke) with the power of incumbency at his back is a massive gamble. We can’t afford Biden fucking this up as bad as he is. But I don’t know if we can afford a wildcard either, which is exactly what a totally different candidate would be.

  • This is actually one of the reasons I love the beach. I lie there, close my eyes, listen to the sounds around me, maybe drift off for a minute, maybe listen to music, read a few chapters of my book. My beach days are usually like 3hrs about, though. I have friends that like to go to the beach at 9a and stay until 6p. That’s too much for me