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  • The person you are responding to is Blue Maga. They’ve convinced themselves that by hiding and ignoring the weakness of their candidate they’ll be able to beat other people into doing so as well.

    They’re two steps down the road of the cult of facism, the same way that Trump supporters went. Keep in mind this quote: “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    They are a fascist, or at least on the road to fascism. So they project their hatred onto literally everything around them and disconnect from material reality.

  • I mean, I want to take you seriously, but at the same time, I have a hard time believing that any one is this naive.

    Its not, nor has it ever been, a binary choice. You may be broken internally an incapable of seeing as anything otherwise, but its not that way for most people.

    This election is, and always has been, between Biden and the couch. There is no new information that we can learn about Trump that will stop his voters from voting for him.

    No “Likely Biden” voter is ever going to vote for Trump. No Trump voter will ever vote for Biden. This dye was cast in 2015.

    Biden needs to drive votership and most of what he’s done in his campaign so far has been to drive votership away from him.

    Biden needs to secure leftwing voting blocks like the youth vote. Its the youth vote that put him into office in 2020, along with black women in GA.

    Instead, he has pushed the youth vote away with his straight up genocidal policies on Gaza, and fascist policies on free speech on college campuses.

    *corrected, meant GA

  • What the chicken fried fuck?

    Here is the whole article:

    At a BBQ for Biden-Harris event, a small crowd of Democratic voters gathered recently for a quiet lunch in the parking lot of a Detroit church, where a swift Michigan wind carried away their polite applause.

    At one table, a member of the United Auto Workers, the state’s powerful automotive union, told me that voting for President Biden was a duty he planned to perform.

    Then Representative Jasmine Crockett of Texas grabbed the microphone. And suddenly, the listless group of voters came alive.

    “The Republicans remain steadfast as it relates to Roe v. Wade. They didn’t take our rights overnight. They worked on it. For decades! We need that type of resolve!” Ms. Crockett boomed to the mostly Black crowd. “They want to say things like: ‘You know what? Jim Crow life was better for y’all Black folk.’”

    “No! No!” a man shouted out. The crowd fell silent, rapt.

    Ms. Crockett, a powerhouse campaigner, isn’t even the most talked about from the Democratic Party’s deep bench of rising stars. As she and others continue to hit the campaign trail, the conundrum facing the party becomes clearer: There is plenty of political energy within the Democratic base, but it may not be there to re-elect Mr. Biden.

    The dynamic is an awkward one. For months, Mr. Biden relied on this charismatic group of Democrats to serve as surrogates. In the wake of his disastrous debate performance, it is increasingly difficult for voters to ignore the bevy of charismatic politicians outshining the standard-bearer they are trying to publicly defend.

    There is no mention of Whitmer anywhere. Did the AutoTL;DR bot hallucinate that?

  • I’m not going to do the work to get around that paywall and I need more of a TL;DR than the bot gives cuz I can’t figure out who they are talking about beyond Whitmer in the summary.

    Any kind soul want to copy pasta some key quotes?

    But on Whitmer…

    Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who supported a successful ballot initiative to enact abortion protections and who enjoys a roughly 61 percent approval rating in a politically fractious swing state, where a local militia plotted to kidnap her.

    I mean thats kind-of a big fucking deal. She’s pretty progressive. But not DSA progressive. Winning Michigan. That’s a big state.

    Realistically however, there is the elephant in the room which is a question lingering in African American voters minds (links if needed) which is, OK not Biden, but isn’t that why we have Harris? And if you side step Harris, like… good fucking luck getting African American women to vote for you.

    And honestly, I’m so broken by the modern DNC, I don’t give a shit. I’ll take the shitty mom-joke DARE cop. I’ll drop my ass out of a coconut tree. Just give me someone who is at least competitive. Maybe that means Harris gets sidestepped, but damn that sure looks fucking bad if you do. Unless its for Michelle Obama. Then we can just cruise to victory.

  • At the time, the information pointed towards that. Congress members asking a member of their own party to step down publicly is fucking unprecedented. The advantage of the incumbent is offering unity to the party by providing an unambiguous candidate to rally behind - once the incumbent can’t offer that, he loses much of the advantage that he would otherwise have. As information available to me changed, so too did my view of the best way to move forward.

    Bro I hate to break it to you, but nothing about Biden changed from that debate. He’s had the slightest, margin of error dip in polling. The reality is that he’s been losing this whole time and you’ve been in complete denial of that.

    Biden needed to be at 55% in the aggregate of polling to be cruising to a W comfortably. 50% is tight, but very doable. 45% and Biden is struggling, kind-of landslide losing territory. Biden hasn’t polled at 45% in 450 days.

    Because of your denial others have become comfortable denying material reality as well, and now down vote anything that doesn’t agree with their insane bias that Biden is somehow the best candidate when at no point in the past 450 days has he even been competitive.

    YOU helped build that. YOU normalized that. YOU made it acceptable to walk around in abject denial of reality for 6 months and and promoted that others do the same.

    Not some one else. YOU.

    Its quite fucking literally how r/TheDonald started. Take some fucking responsibility and have some accountability. Fix the damage you caused.

  • I think you need to acknowledge the roll you played in silencing a dissent that has for months been trying to communicate that that Biden is not winning this election. You in-particular were part of a group trying to brow-beat myself and others into submission under the false premise that Biden “is going to be the nominee” and “is the best chance for us to beat Trump”. It was wrong, both in principal, approach, and underlying assumptions, and it maybe has cost us our ability to beat Trump.

    The approach is what built the seeds of what is now “Blue Maga”, a deluded cult of personality that has the real chance of stopping us from stopping Trump. You did work that hurt our ability to stop Trump. Its good that you’ve come around, but how you conducted yourself for months did real damage to this community.

    Look at the vote count. This isn’t an opinion piece or some far left anything. Its a local news station breaking a story about their House representative. That negative vote count on basic reality, “Just the facts ma’am” reporting is Blue Maga.