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Ivory is getting a warm welcome on Mastodon, but also this open source iOS app for Mastodon got some thumbs up :

I’ve wanted full RSS feeds for several Mastodon instances for ages. They can be particularly useful for small instances (aka communities) with slow posting velocity

Thanks all for the replies (I see one comment here on this instance, but twelve when I look at Nice to see more Friendica here!

Stork (pleroma-bot)
Mirror your favorite Twitter accounts in the Fediverse, so you can follow their updates from the comfort of your favorite instance. Or migrate your own to the Fediverse using a Twitter archive.

Indymedia In The Fediverse? · by Bix Frankonis
There’s a great look back at the heyday of Indymedia from Todd Wolfson and Malav Kanuga for Logic Magazine. I wanted here to highlight two paragraphs in particular as it navigates from that era to today’s (over)reliance upon platform social media.

Fedistar - Multi-column Mastodon and Pleroma client for desktop
Author of Whalebird, Mastodon desktop client, started a new project Fedistar Code : Don't like to read Medium ? Use

If Bash is your default shell, you can install Fish to try its superb auto suggestions and the tab key, while leaving Bash as your default shell. These auto suggestions do not only work for your command line history but also for file names even when your first letters you type are in different order in the file name (For example, I know that I want to edit a file with the word work in it and start typing the word work and press tab key, but it turns out that the word does start instead with the word personal, Fish is still able to suggest the real file name to edit : personal_and_work_todo.txt). Fish has saved me a lot of typing time. And if you need Bash for a moment (Fish will complain about certain * usage), then temporarily exiting Fish or typing bash is an option.

After installing Fish, run the fish_config command to configure it via a local session in your web browser.

Some energy considerations | LibreServer Blog
tldr; > So when it comes to energy saving the things to focus on are the boring tech of lights and kitchen appliances. Especially any sort of heating appliance. Trying to save a few watts on computers won't make much of a reduction in electricity bills.

Old post but edited January 5 this year.Mentions three top sites running Soapbox.

An article posted on (cough) Medium, but consider to use if you want to read distraction free.

Yes, maybe. Could depend on your expectations though. As far as I am concerned Lemmy is a content article reader, while Mastodon (and Pleroma, Akkoma) are for me in general be more about connecting with people and organizations and sometimes following activities of friends.

They also send Delete messages to any server they know about, even if that server isn’t an AP server and has no relationship with the originating server. My website is not an ActivityPub server, but i get thousands of spam messages from mastodon servers a day. I’ve filed two different issues related to that but neither of them has received much attention (and none from garg).

Ouch :( Are Pleroma, Akkoma and others doing a much better job at this ?

Have not tried it myself. Nice that there’s a bin package in AUR. I see that Akkoma has IRC and Discourse community channels :

Checking their Gitlab description it looks like you are right. The OP mentioned Reddit in the post title though, and Reddit is “still” not federated ;-) Using I found these as well :

Today I noticed this : Hopefully that will help more Black people to move away from Twitter

All we can do is keep trying to make a place that is useful enough and iteratively more comfortable. If we care about these people, and the concept of decentralized freedom.for all. And we need to seriously listen and consider, and maybe even compromise, as the linked article has tried to do.

Thanks for your insightful comment

I also like to see Twitter go down and dissappear. The criticism about Mastodon by Black people has indeed been seen before, and I do not understand it. They find the quote reply very important, but some journalists also wrote that they think they cannot do without it. In reply to that I saw this web link on Mastodon : (a long read) which shows that Mastodon no longer does not want to have the same feature as on Twitter but is looking at a more safe alternative.

Thanks for mentioning Ktistec, that looks like a neat one user Mastodon instance alternative.

The web link is for the main Teddit instance, and I was too lazy or too much in a rush to change the Lemmy auto suggestion for the post title. Arch, btw, the devs of Lemmy did post AMA on Reddit : Sometimes it is difficult to avoid reading Reddit. The author of qutebrowser used Reddit to blog about its 9th birthday 6 days ago :(