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  • I appreciate your work. I’m thinking it should be easy to reach out to non tech content creators to get permission to migrate their stuff, and for end users like me to request that without a technical barrier. For example: I was watching a self defense channel throughout the week until the youpocalypse happened. What if there is a simple button for me to request his data to be integrated into your system? I’m pretty sure he is more focused on exposure and reach rather than ad revenue, so he might consent. You interpret this to be consent to ytdl it, store it, spread it.

  • Why does this feel like you’ve just given me some free heroin to try?

    And unity doesn’t need integration. It automatically integrates itself into anything. It’ll just put a popup window right in the middle of the screen that you can’t get rid of without killing it. It’ll tell you something too private that you didn’t really want to know. Eventually, while coding, it will just bring itself entirely to the front. Alt tab won’t work.

  • Well, yesterday a cashier decided it was a good idea to tell me, a hippie looking transwoman, that she’s not racist, but what is Turkey doing in European football? And yeah she immediately crossed that threshold and went on my asshole list.

    Of course I can come up with a gazillion excuses for why she said that. She doesn’t know our own history. She doesn’t know geography. She’s just trying to fit in to her social group. I can go on and on. But still, what she is saying is damaging on a purely racist basis. She is old enough to realize that.

    However, I wouldn’t use the word hate. I know what you mean, and that’s what I am responding to rn, but I don’t genuinely want to hate anyone. Hate is more corrosive to the vessel than that which it is poured upon.

  • Thanks for you care. I’ve thought about it and I understand now that I shouldn’t just pull out knife willy nilly, as it is like throwing gasoline on a fire. But if things escalate from their side to a certain level, I’ll be ready to combine the knife with my normal defense. And I am thinking only for counters here, so it is morally and legally right. I’ll be careful.

    Fun fact someone just gave me her knife. It’s exactly what I needed and wanted. The type, material, the size, quality etc. It’s perfect for camping, cooking etc and can be worn on the belt.

    I can wear it on the belt when out in nature. I’ll leave it in my bag in most other situations, and for sure when crossing the border. That way I always have a reason to carry.

  • Wow thanks, that clarifies things. It actually made me angry this morning and so I did training to get the adrenaline out!

    I think baseball bats and axes are illegal here too, unless you have a very specific reason, like going to training.

    What I’ve learned from you all is that you need to drill something regularly or you won’t be able to rely on it. So I’ve decided to play around with different styles that fit my lifestyle and needs, and to focus on one single attack and all that is needed to support it. I’ve incorporated it into my day already and will keep developing it and exploring.

    I’ll also learn to use my survival knife properly, including when not to use it, because of your advice.

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    I’ve been watching a few hours of videos and doing daily drills, and have planned to spar with a friend. I might visit a gym here or there, but can’t do anything structured due to being a nomad.

    Since I’m trans I get attacked a lot, but it’s not so bad because it’s mostly a certain type of person who can barely look straight out of their own head. Words work wonders for me.

    Still, I feel it doesn’t hurt to drill myself a bit from time to time. That’s why I’ve been watching a few hours of videos and doing daily drills based on that. I’ve also planned to lightly spar with a friend. And I feel I have learned so much already. For example before it felt like an attacker would be a sort of flood light of hurt. Now I realize that power is applied mechanically, and I have power too.

    I get it that deesclation is best, and that’s what I have done so far. Training to suddenly sprint is a good next step. The level after that would be to have a basic understanding of the mechanics, in order to be able to for example get up properly and run. Someone already mentioned that grappling would be a good thing to understand here.

    What really just puzzles me is what you guys are saying about weapons. You are really telling me that if I am in the forest alone with a guy, that a knife or pistol with basic training doesn’t help me? Obviously I am here to learn, but what are you guys talking about? Statistics? Why can’t I just shoot the guy in the leg? It’s confusing!

    Just to be clear, I can’t use a pistol even if I wanted to because it’s illegal here, or mace. But I might have a knife with me simply because it’s useful. But still, isn’t the best defense a good offense? What’s the point of running if he runs after me? Isn’t it better to break his arm and then run?

    Everyone keeps talking about running as if it’s so obvious. But I just don’t understand, and honestly it’s upsetting me. A clear counter argument for me is flipping the roles and me being the attacker and wanting to get something from you. I am convinced right now that I will be able to get you, even if you’re a trained runner. But if you have a weapon I’d definitely think twice about what I am doing next. And if not a weapon, I am pretty sure hurting me in some way is going to get me to back off and find an easier target.