Congratulations /c/anarchism, we are deemed lemmyml’s fascist sub of the day!
This is the highest honor lemmyml can bestow upon us. I did not link back to OP and changed OPs name bc we should not aggressive engage with OP --- How can an anarchist community be moderated by someone spreading right-wing propaganda? @transformerfan69 I’m referring to sharing articles like Iran schoolgirls poisoned as “some people” seek to stop education for girls, Iranian official says. The article exaggerates a few isolated incidents to paint a grim picture of every schoolgirl’s life in Iran. I already know the west is going to give the worst possible impression about the news from Iran, so why would you share it? Do you want everyone to see the country from the lenses of the west? Is that what anarchism is about, division and fear-mongering? Allowing this person and whoever modded him to remain as mod on any community only serves to reduce the credibility and integrity of the instance as a whole. Edit: nevermind, I hadn’t noticed the community is from another instance.

Infiltrating anarchist groups is difficult because there’s too much reading
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Roku TVs can add as a channel. Add it as a channel to your friend’s TVs and maybe they’ll e
Roku TVs can add as a channel. Add it as a channel to your friend’s TVs and maybe they’ll e

You might have heard about the weird tankie and Russia Today correspondent caleb maupin, now even his own people are coming out against him!

Not all lemmygrad users, but the ones who lead brigades

Fedizine: An anarchist introduction to federated social media
For better or worse, anarchists are using social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This sucks. Enter the Fediverse, an alternative, open-source social media network that aligns with anarchist values. Rather than being a thinly-veiled attention and data gathering capitalist vortex, the Fediverse is an actual social network, built out of a multitude of federated, autonomous, and decentralized instances. On the Fediverse, we control the infrastructure, we moderate ourselves, and we can gather and share based on our affinities and desires rather than being guided by addictive algorithms. Many anarchists who have dodged the traps of corporate social media are already here, sharing their projects, art, and ideas. Join us!

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    Welcome to!” is so named due to it running the Lemmy software, in the Fediverse, and it’s (somewhat) geared toward Canadians, hosted in Canada, and run by a Canadian. It is, however, not at all restricted to Canadians, or Canadian culture/topics/etc. All are welcome!

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