livestream video on my peertube, exile from youtube

practicing model creation in **blender** n playing some time trial with **srb2kart**. my server is down ;a;

hi! I would like to link my vod archive for the holo cast . I also stream [often] on I will post updates here sometimes when I stream.

Any pointcrow fans in chat? What’s taking so long for his botw2 part 2 vid?
cross-posted from: > I've been waiting for him to release part 2 and have just been edging along by like watching smallant, but I prefer pcrow lol

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I recorded another episode today! This is quite fun, I like what I have built so far.

[Slope Unblocked]( is a game that appeals to all age groups from 7 to 70 Having incredible 3D graphics is one of the details of the players most pleasingly. It is possible to play via your browser without downloading any programs to your computer because of the Flash game category. Although the game seems to be simple, it is difficult to play. You are checking a ball moving on the 3D space map in the game. As we skipped each tier, a score is added to your score table. You have to advance by avoiding obstacles in each tier. For this, it is very important that you can think of quickly and your hand skill. You will notice that your skills will develop as you play the game.

The new #Steam client they are going to release soon, is going
The new [#Steam]( client they are going to release soon, is going to be a big problem for many [#Linux]( users, or at least those of us with non-high-end computers. It is too heavy, slow, and hogging system resources. You can try it today by enabling the Steam beta in your settings. I wish there's a way to stay in the old Steam client. T\_T Anyone found a workaround? My system: \* Intel i3 10th Gen 2.10GHz × 4 \* OS: [#PopOS]( 22.04 LTS \* Acer TravelMate P213-52 \* RAM: 8 GiB \* Gfx: Mesa Intel UHD Graphics [\#gaming]( [#games]( []( [](
The new #Steam client they are going to release soon, is going

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[News / Music]
[News / Music] Nintendo recently released a video of the developers playing [#SalmonRun]( music! Go check it out! []( [\#スプラトゥーン3]( [#スプラトゥーン]( [#Splatoon3]( [#Splatoon]( [#Nintendo]( [#NintendoSwitch]( [@gaming](

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[@gaming]( 2b by Kanra\_cosplay

Ever notice how there’s a lot of Russophobia and racism against Russians in Counter-Strike games?
Before the ukraine war, I noticed that a bunch of insults in that game were targetting Russians like saying SUKA BLYAT in a mocking tone. Some of The U.S fan base generalize(d) russians as if they're like this.

Are there any homeless/poverty stimulators that are reasonably realistic?
cross-posted from: > I bumped into one, but it was a one button click to get a job > > My ideas, which is based off people I've met.: > > Realistic can go a few ways, prob a good idea is like a difficulty/character selection. > > One character: homeless, addicted to meth, has permanent meth induced schizophrenia. If your character doesn't take a dosage every few hours/days, starts taking pokemonesce poison damage to imitate withdrawal. When taking dosage, every now and then have a big schizophrenia episode and get banned from homeless shelters. Frequently jumped on the streets by hoodlums/homeless. Has 7 kids, 4 in foster care, 3 with exes > > Character 2: mother with 5 kids, works minimum wage full time. Chronically dates domestic abusers. As in, suffers like poison damage when not dating an POS. Sleeps 3 hours a day. Home has severe cockroaches, led paint that damaged kids brains. Been formally evicted, so is on a blacklist from non hood jobs. No family support. > > Character 3: teenage kid of character 1 or 2. Learning disorder gives bad grades. Dropped out of school. Went to a bad school and has bad influence friends. Doesn't believe in working a reg job to earn income, but sells drugs to earn money bc his friends do that. > > Etc > > It's be interesting to actually go from that to the American dream of having reasonable job, having adequate housing as oppose to substandard housing, etc > > If you're wondering, the people irl I'm thinking about never made it further. Character 1 died from fentanyl overdose, character 2 when WGTOW (women gone their own way) but hasn't improved things further. Didn't ask her that that much about how she managed to stop dating POSes. Character 3 ended up in prison for murder. > > I'm not sure what game play would look like. Ex, what would game play look like of going to therapy? Might work best as like a visual novel/point and click.

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