Belgian man dies by suicide following exchanges with chatbot
**[A young Belgian man recently died by suicide after talking to a chatbot named ELIZA for several weeks, spurring calls for better protection of citizens and the need to raise awareness.](** [@technology]( "Without these conversations with the chatbot, my husband would still be here," the man's widow has said, according to La Libre. She and her late husband were both in their thirties, lived a comfortable life and had two young children. [LINK]( ----------

AI systems with human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity, as shown by extensive research[1] and acknowledged by top AI labs.[2] As stated in the widely-endorsed Asilomar AI Principles, Advanced AI could represent a profound change in the history of life on Earth, and should be planned for and managed with commensurate care and resources. Unfortunately, this level of planning and management is not happening, even though recent months have seen AI labs locked in an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand, predict, or reliably control. cross-posted from: > Per una moratoria internazionale sulle intelligenze artificiali gigantesche: Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter > > [@eticadigitale]( > > Chiediamo a tutti i laboratori di intelligenza artificiale di sospendere immediatamente per almeno 6 mesi l'addestramento di sistemi di intelligenza artificiale più potenti di GPT-4. > > Grazie a [@robertabarone]( per la segnalazione > cc [@filosofia]( > [](

IcePanel | Explain complex software systems
This is such a great and versatile tool for System Architecture Modeling. So many possibilities and easy use here... 😍

"It’s not uncommon for Chinese authorities to forcibly “disappear” business executives, a practice that has increased in recent years under President Xi Jinping. Some executives have never been heard from again. Some have returned to work as if nothing had happened. Some ended up going to prison. Some even mysteriously died when incarcerated."

Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI
"’s initial focus? Tools that make generative AI safer and more transparent. And, people-centric recommendation systems that don’t misinform or undermine our well-being."
Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI

cross-posted from: > ## Product annoucements > - 13th gen Intel P-series mainboard > - AMD 7040 mainboard > - 16-inch variant (not many details) > - Expanding dimensions of expansion cards (e.g. eGPU) > - New modular input system - e.g. keyboard, numpad, expansion card I/O, secondary screen, open to public for 3rd-party devices > - New audio input jack expansion card > - Ability to use multiple storage expansion cards > - New case to re-use replaced battery as power block > - New mainboard case from CoolerMaster to build NUC-like system > - Matte screen option > - New bezel colors, including transparent >

"if ChatGPT, for example, built your plugin, you have to verify that all the code used is GPL compatible. Just like you are expected to validate licenses on libraries and code-snippets, everything in your plugin has to be GPL compatible. Should we determine that your code is a copy of someone else’s or includes code from non-GPL plugins, your submission will be rejected and any live plugins will be closed." A PeerTube site that’s basically like YouTube for Urbanism
cross-posted from: > This video site is worth checking out, if you haven't already. Share videos of what's working, and what isn't, in your community.

"Right now,* if you ask Microsoft’s Bing chatbot if Google’s Bard chatbot has been shut down, it says yes, citing as evidence a news article that discusses a tweet in which a user asked Bard when it would be shut down and Bard said it already had, itself citing a comment from Hacker News in which someone joked about this happening, and someone else used ChatGPT to write fake news coverage about the event. "

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