Greetings, Kbinners (and anyone else from the 'verse who might be reading this). Back on the platform most of us migrated from, there was/is a subreddit called r/menslib, which was like r/mensrights minus the misogyny and shitting on marginalized groups and minorities. Those of you who subbed will remember it was a great place to chat about mental health, gender roles, societal expectations, toxic masculinity, things like that.

So far, I’ve not been able to find its equivalent in the fediverse. Here on Kbin, there’s m/men, but that basically mirrors the old mensrights sub. It’s gross. I found in, but that community is small (9 members) and inactive. I used Kbin’s magazine/community search and only found those two; I then tried Google, came up with no leads and figured either my Google fu just sucks or their algorithm is getting worse (likely both), so I tried duckduckgo and still found nothing. Pretty much everything I found that is even remotely related is from people looking for the same thing or is a post or comment on Reddit itself.

Is there a place out there like the old menslib? I mean, there must be, right? Help me, fediversers. You’re my only hope.

Edit: I have been banned from m/men. I mean, that’s fine, I wouldn’t fit in there anyway, because I don’t think men are the ones being oppressed.

  • Track_Shovel
    11 months ago

    I (not OP) agree with everything you said, but I can see why sometimes men dont talk about these things openly. Toxic masculinity is still pervasive, and I think a lot of guys are afraid to talk about their issues, because they don’t want to get painted as being inconsiderate by other people online. For instance, suppose a guy posts about sexism affecting him. It would be really easy for him to be dogpiled by women or feminists. Men, too, can be affected by the systems that opress others, and be upset that such systems exist.

    In general, I think men need to talk more about their feelings and experiences. The more we talk, the more we can process negative emotions, and get exposed to veiwpoints other than our own.