I forgot who I heard this story from, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s call the two characters Amira and Hidayah. They’re roommates in a dormitory school. One night at about 2am, Amira shook Hidayah up because she wanted to go to the toilet but she was scared to go alone. In dormitories, the toilets are usually at the end of the building. Not that far away from each room, but still kinda spooky at night when everyone is asleep.

“Ala, you go alone la, I’m sleepyhghg zzzz…” Hidayah mumbled half-asleep.

“Hidayah pleaseeee. I just need to pee! I’ll be quick, I promise!”

“Haish, ok la ok la. If you slow I leave you ah.”

“Ish don’t la. I’ll be fast! You wait here outside the cubicle and don’t leave me ok,” Amira said as she entered one of the squat cubicles.

“I wait outside the main door la. Why would I want to smell you poop here.”

“Don’t la! I’m scared. I pee je la, not poop!”

Amira proceeded to settle her business while Hidayah waited outside her cubicle. She could hear Amira opening the tap and starting to wash. She hated waiting next to the other open cubicles. They remind her of all the spooky things that happens in the movies. She’d rather wait outside, but who knows maybe one day she’d need Amira to return the favor, so she might as well give in tonight.

“Are you done yet? Hurry up.”

“Wait, wait,” Amira said as she continued washing down.

“What’s taking you so long to wash?”

“Got a lot of blood to wash.”

“Eh, you period ke?”


“Then, what blood?”

Silence, but the sound of running water continues.


No response from inside the cubicle. Finally, the sound of running water stopped.

Hidayah heaved a sigh of relief that they could finally leave. She waited for Amira to exit the cubicle. She waited.

And she waited.


Still no response.

“Wey don’t play-play with me ah. Not funny. I leave you nanti!”

“Wait la a bit more, hehehe,” Amira responded. But she still didn’t come out. There was no sound of water, rustling clothes, or any movement at all. Hidayah felt uneasy.

“Amira! Quit joking around! I’m gonna leave you!”

“Don’t la… hehehe…” Amira responded, but her voice was different now. She continued to giggle. She didn’t sound like Amira anymore. Hidayah was both spooked and felt like this was a very bad joke. She sprinted back to their room as Amira continued to giggle alone in the toilet.

When she finally entered their room, which felt like forever, she found Amira soundly sleeping in her bed. She tried to wake her up to ask her what the fuck was going on, but Amira and the rest of her roommates slept soundly as the giggling sound in the toilet continued.

The next morning, she found out that Amira had been sleeping all night and never asked her to go to the toilet the night before.

  • @rewarp
    311 months ago

    These ghosts gotta stop giving kids phobias about going to toilets in the middle of the night.