If you’re a US citizen, no matter where in the world, start by making sure you’re registered to vote. Many districts are gerrymandered, so you’ll want to register as the party that’s likely to win congressional and/or state legislative districts where you live, and vote in that party’s primary.

In addition to voting, you’ll want to influence politics beyond that. Your local races are a good place to start; cities and states control local land use and things like building codes.

To affect congress, you’ll want to pick swing house districts or swing senate seats. Volunteer and donate accordingly.

For President, the reality is that Biden has done far more than Trump would even consider, starting with the Inflation Reduction Act, and continuing through numerous executive actions. Getting involved in this race means volunteering, and if you can, donating to the Biden Victory Fund. If you’re giving really large amounts of money, and the logistics of it work, go to an in-person event and talk to the candidate or other official about climate:

  • @frankPodmore
    212 months ago

    As someone from outside the US, I just want to say: please do vote again for Joe Biden. He is without doubt the most pro-environment US President there has ever been.

  • @felixwhynot@lemmy.world
    132 months ago

    Thanks for posting this!

    I would add that I believe calling or mailing (like with paper) and even faxing your representatives is something that can make a difference. If you do it, tell your friends and maybe they will too!