Hey!! So…got a cheap seconhand Gamecube to restore, picoboot nd swiss, paint and give a second life. As per usual, people chasing the GBA Modules leave the gamecubes without the Hi Speed Port cover, and so I tried some different ones from the internet with mixed and poor results, I made this one that I feel is the most precise one i ve tried yet, and it is TESTED as seen in the attached photo.


*Ignore the burnt side, i had a small problem with mi printer nozzle, just that. *As a recomendation: Print it slowly, not too much fan (i do not use fan) since it is a small piece, USE SUPPORTS, preferably use ABS, sand it down and paint it afterwards if desired. Hope you like it!

THIS IS my original post from reddit that i ported here to help with Lemmy s migration and usage, since i think reddit should be abandoned.