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  • Obama broke Occupy. Biden and Clinton are vocal about not supporting the anti-genocide protests (except to say the protestor have specific rights).

    There are no political leaders sympathetic to protests here. Only those who could maybe be cowed if we really fought. If that was likely, the FBI would infiltrate and agitators would create reasons for enforcement.

    We’re talking Floyd levels of riot that would remind people of Jan 6th and leave people feeling justified. MLKs proymtests were NOT popular at the time… We’re looking for something and someone like that. Closest we’ve got is Shawn Fain.

    My riot, for now, is my vote and my tepid support of formerly-Dark Brandon. He’s done a lot. More than most. But Garland was a shit pick. And now we’re here with trials delayed all over the place because Garland dithered.

  • I want neither a religious leader nor some physicist with vague “energy” platitudes as a speaker at my funeral. But I think that’s the thing. Death is personal. We want different things. And that’s it’s own beauty.

    For me… I want an atheist with an understanding of pain, suffering, delight and nothingness. Someone to, without lecturing, explain that in my view I was not here for eons. Then, for a brief period I lived. I stumbled, loved, and grew old. I relished my moment. I saw it for what it was and made what I could of it. And now I return to the nothing.

    Selfless, selfish, nurturing and angry. I did it all. I stayed at home for vacation, I traveled. I was poor. I had a season of money. I lived my moment. I am at peace with that. It could have been far, far worse.

    And while returning to the nothing may seem ghastly to some, to me it has beauty. Symmetry.

    Even this happy life has struggle. One day, the struggle ends.

  • I mean yeah, but… No?

    Their stories are different. It’s like saying that three fan fics by three different authors that use a select few “same characters” actually have the same characters… When they behave in ways that are incompatable with the other fan fics.

    That’s kinda the problem. That and geography. They all think the same patch of land is super important. And the land around that is important, too.

    This is one of the ways that those "same characters (gods) " were incompatible.

    When you back away from it all, it’s the God of Abram/Abraham. But the details matter to adherents. And the details are quite different.

    The us and them created by those stories is essential to understanding this. And the land grabs. And the killings. And the rationale.