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  • Hacksaw@lemmy.cato196@lemmy.blahaj.zoneRule.
    4 days ago

    She did encourage him, on purpose, because she thought he would be easy to beat. Your source completely supports that, and that was unethical and foolish of her.

    However I can’t find any evidence that she or the DNC donated to him or his campaign.

    Perhaps you can make a small adjustment to correct your comment to avoid the spread of misinformation!

  • I prefer “things which aren’t objectively true that we act as if they are true”. The first line of the Wikipedia article on ideology uses the same definition more beautiful phrased “An ideology is a set of beliefs or philosophies attributed to a person or group of persons, especially those held for reasons that are not purely epistemic, in which “practical elements are as prominent as theoretical ones””

    A good example of an almost universal ideological belief is that “killing is wrong/bad”. It’s not objectively true, we kill animals, we kill in wars, we euthanize people in medicine. But we act as if it’s true none the less in our day to day lives because no one wants to live in a society where killing is generally acceptable, for obvious reasons.

    That being said, I don’t see anything wrong with what you’re saying in a vacuum. I just feel like as soon as you place a naive person in society they begin to interact with and adopt aspects of various ideologies without “deep thought”, sometimes even subconsciously.

    The beauty culture is a good example of where people will adopt definitions of beauty that are ideological (beautiful people are good, ugly people are bad/dangerous) without conscious effort or deep thought. Then they will act everyday as if they believe in it.

    The people who watch Fox news hold complex ideological beliefs, mostly subconsciously. It becomes apparent when you ask them to explain their beliefs that they didn’t adopt these ideologies based on deep thought, but will fight fiercely to defend them.

    I think that these people’s behaviours are driven by ideology even though they themselves weren’t the one that did the deep thinking.

    Honestly there are good arguments that in complex systems even basic cognitive functions can and will create ideology. An example is birds in a cage with a button that when pressed gives them food. If you disconnect the button then give them food randomly, they’re likely to start creating complex dances and rituals based on what they think was responsible for activating the food dispenser. This in a lot of ways mirrors primitive religious behaviour which are certainly ideology.

    Perhaps you have another word you prefer to use for deeply held beliefs that affect our behavior but are attained through means other than deep thought?

  • Hacksaw@lemmy.catomemes@lemmy.worldAge is just a number
    6 days ago

    Not having empathy isn’t enough to be evil. Just like having empathy isn’t enough to be good. You need ideology.

    For example, the guy who lacks empathy could use basic libertarian or anarchist ideology for why we shouldn’t hurt people using logic instead of empathy.

    Another example would be if you use fascist ideology you can turn empathy into a weapon for evil. The us vs them ideology requires empathy. The idea is that they are going to hurt the people you love just by existing is what dehumanizes them enough for a normal person to attack them.

  • It’s fucked up, Zionists say “all Jews support Israel because Israel IS Judaism” then when a Jewish person is attacked for what Israel does they say “see, it’s the proof they’re anti-semites, they attacked a Jewish person outside of Israel, if they were truly only against Israel they wouldn’t have done that”

    Zionists are literally using all foreign Jews as human shields. Putting them up as defacto Israeli representatives, then as martyrs.

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    8 days ago

    First of all it’s tiny and limited to 45km/h which is the top speed of an e-bike in the states. I don’t want to be hit by a microcar, but I’d hate to get hit by a loaded class 3 cargo bike either. And I’d far rather either of those than some obnoxious dually equipped pickup truck.

    Second of all, some people don’t want to be out biking in inclement weather… Or even at all. And that’s OK.

    Small light electric vehicles like ebikes or electric microcars are a great way to supplement gaps in good public transit and walkable cities. On top of that, unlike full size electric cars which reinforce car dependence, these types of vehicles encourage small, slow streets for cars in urban areas, mixed with bike, walking, and public transit infrastructure.