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  • This is cruitial. The Russian navy is needed to defend ships supplying Crimea. This leaves only two options to resupply Crimea namely the Kerch bridge and the land corridor through the occupied territories of Ukraine. I hope the F16 come with some proper long range weapons to blow up the Kerch bridge. That would make cutting the land corridor much easier. However even today Himars and similar longer range systems are able to make transport on the land bridge much harder. To be fair air supply is also an option, but Ukraine is getting F16 and more air defence systems, while Russia has too few planes for it to be a real option.

    This war started in Crimea and if Ukraine wants to win, it will end in Crimea.

  • Sorry, but the fact of the matter is that the EU has a ban on fossil fuel cars starting 2035. The EU parliament is very likely going to have a coalition of EPP, Renew and S&D with maybe some support of the Greens or some groups from ECR. S&D and Renew are mostly pro ban. France just voted in a more left leaning parliament as well. So the Council is very likely to remain pro ban and it takes a qualified majority to change that law. There is basically no way to get the ban removed before the car manufacturers have to make the big investments into new EV factories.

    This is CEOs preferring short term profits to make themself richer, while destroying the future of their companies.

  • It is pretty simple and something a lot of men suffer from. You end up being nice try to follow the rules. The problem is that when you follow the rules all the time, you end up having to compromise a lot. Unfortunately Western culture stereotype of men is that of a strong silent hero, who does not complain. So quite a few never talk about there problems. Mostly it is just suffering, if it becomes really bad it ends up with a suicide and this is really the worst case. Basically they end up thinking that they are losers anyway, of which everybody is ignoring their needs, because quite frankly they often do. So this is the way to do something “great”, a way to stick out, to become famous.

    Obviously not just a male problem, but you just have to look at who statistically commits suicide and mass shootings, to see the problem.

  • Universal health care is not EU wide. Quite a few countries do not have that. Bulgaria sits at 15% uninsured for example. PTO is nice, but it is really just a way of paying out money. In the end it hardly matters. If you earn more on the days you work, then it ends up being roughly the same. Mutual assistance is very very loose. Plenty of EU countries have no problem whatsortever to send refugees to die. Homelessness is much more common in the EU then in the US.

    At the same time the EU has with Hungary a full blown dictatorship. Far right governments are ruling multiple member states already and are systematically removing workers rights. Greece just introduced the 6 day work week and eliminated a lot of worker protections as well.

  • The protests are already breaking a lot of the fossil fuel industry. The simple truth is that the inflation reduction act means cheap American EVs on a massive scale. That removes most of the US oil consumption. Renewables and gas have taken out most coal electricity generation in the US and renewables are starting to kill gas as well. So local demand in the US for oil and gas is going to fall in the coming years

    So by blocking or just delaying exports, this is becoming a rather large problem for the US.

    That is on top of China investing a lot into renewables and the EU being probably even further along, with some fairly powerfull legislation. Seriously we are getting very close to peak emissions and that means the death of the fossil fuel industry is starting.