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  • There are like 10,000 different solutions, but I would just recommend using what’s built in to python

    If you have multiple versions installed you should be able to call python3.12 to use 3.12, etc

    Best practice is to use a different virtual environment for every project, which is basically a copy of an existing installed python version with its own packages folder. Calling pip with the system python installs it for the entire OS. Calling it with sudo puts the packages in a separate package directory reserved for the operating system and can create conflicts and break stuff (as far as I remember, this could have changed in recent versions)

    Make a virtual environment with python3.13 -m venv venv the 2nd one is the directory name. Instead of calling the system python, call the executable at venv/bin/python3

    If you do source venv/bin/activate it will temporarily replace all your bash commands to point to the executables in your venv instead of the system python install (for pip, etc). deactivate to revert. IDEs should detect the virtual environment in your project folder and automatically activate it

  • The feature is explicit sync, which is a brand new graphics stack API that would fix some issues with nvidia rendering under Wayland.

    It’s not a big deal, canonical basically said ‘this isn’t a bug fix or security patch, it’s not getting backported into our LTS release’ - so if you want it you have to install GNOME/mutter from source, switch operating systems, or just wait a few months for the next Ubuntu release

  • A server produces an amount of heat equivalent to it’s wattage.

    A 500W server rack will produce 1/3rd the amount of heat as a 1500W space heater. If your rack draws 100W at idle, than that’s how much heat it produces. So if it’s cold outside you could spin up folding at home or some other thing to burn excess CPU cycles

    As long as your server is inside your house it is offsetting the amount of heat your HVAC system needs to produce - granted it is also greatly increasing the amount of work your AC needs to do in the summer

    There is a cricket farm in Quebec that heats it’s enclosures with Bitcoin mining rigs.

  • Reddit has way more data than you would have been exposed to via the API though - they can look at things like user ARN (is it coming from a datacenter), whether they were using a VPN, they track things like scroll position, cursor movements, read time before posting a comment, how long it takes to type that comment, etc.

    no one at reddit is going to hunt these sophisticated bots because they inflate numbers

    You are conflating “don’t care about bots” with “don’t care about showing bot generated content to users”. If the latter increases activity and engagement there is no reason to put a stop to it, however, when it comes to building predictive models, A/B testing, and other internal decisions they have a vested financial interest in making sure they are focusing on organic users - how humans interact with humans and/or bots is meaningful data, how bots interact with other bots is not

  • To compare every comment on reddit to every other comment in reddit’s entire history would require an index

    You think in Reddit’s 20 year history no one has thought of indexing comments for data science workloads? A cursory glance at their engineering blog indicates they perform much more computationally demanding tasks on comment data already for purposes of content filtering

    you need to duplicate all of that data in a separate database and keep it in sync with your main database without affecting performance too much

    Analytics workflows are never run on the production database, always on read replicas which are taken asynchronously and built from the transaction logs so as not to affect production database read/write performance

    Programmers just do what they’re told. If the managers don’t care about something, the programmers won’t work on it.

    Reddit’s entire monetization strategy is collecting user data and selling it to advertisers - It’s incredibly naive to think that they don’t have a vested interest in identifying organic engagement