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  • I feel like people need an education about the difference between spirit of the law and letter of the law.

    This comment reads like this:

    “I posted some truly heinous shit and a mod/admin removed it but I didn’t break any written rules therefore my right to force other people to be subjected to my desires was impinged upon😭😭😭😭.”

  • Using Kali? Easy if you have training. The capstone for our security course a decade ago was too find and exploit 5 remote machines (4 on the same network, 1 was on a second network only one of the machines had access to) in an hour with Kali. I found all 5 but could only exploit 3 of them. If I didn’t have to exploit any of them 7 would be reasonably easy to find.

    Kali basically has a library of known exploits and you just run the scanner on a target.

    This isn’t novel exploit discovery. This is “which of these 10 windows machines hasn’t been updated in 3 years?”

  • The issue is that multiple winners split the jackpots, which is why playing common numbers like dates (birthdays) is a terrible strategy since so many people play those.

    When the Powerball exceeds the value of being able to purchase all of the numbers it is common that the number of tickets sold more than doubles the Total number of numbers which statistically guarantees multiple winners. Almost nobody wins those billion dollar jackpots by themselves.

  • Even if we grant you your invalid position, you are still wrong. So close. You claim the unborn person has rights, but so did the mother.

    In no legal jurisdiction in the United States is one person ever required to give up their bodily autonomy for another. This the mother, according to your argument, is under no legal obligation to provide the other person, according to your argument, the mothers body for any reason. If the mother wishes to discontinue the use of her body she can. If the other person dies as a result of this decision, the mother bears no responsibility.

    This is well understood case law and common law.

    GTFO with this terrible argument.