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  • Waiting around for the technology to magically pop up will doom us to an unending dustbowl and war and maybe even extinction

    Technology doesnt get developed unless there is demand, except by university kids who take out massive loans to do the work of research.

    We need to create demand by demanding action by governments and divesting from fossil fuels. That is the intent of the protestors.

    I’ve besn participating in non-obstructive protests for almost 2 decades and it’s done virtuallty nothing

    What you are seeing is desperation. We need financial incentives for going green dont pan out for 50 years so nobody cares. Most people are to busy trying to pay rent this month to care about 50 years from now.

    BTW if 50 years ago folks had heeded the initial warnings of scientists and curbed emissions by 0.5% annually, global warming would not be an issue.

    Instead we drastically increased emissions since then, we now need to cut a ridiculous percentage annually and we’re still going to lose trillions of dollars to climate related damage, crop loss and climate-related wars.

  • Whitey on the moon is certainly a vivid slap to the face, but it isn’t the real cause of sister Nell’s rat bite (Google Gil Scott Heron whitey on the moon if you dont get the reference. It’s seriously awesome and on point and should be required listening in high school)

    The most recent big kicks to the teeth were the 2trillion in tax breaks handed to corporations a few years back and the flood of Insurance company money into politics. Insurance corporations have ruined healthcare and made medical debt a leading cause of homelessness. Political donations have made sure the government doesnt do anything about it.

    The 2 trillion in corporate tax breaks have obliterated funding to public health, rehab and job placement services as well as eliminating millions of jobs in the public services sector. These spur economic growth

    Moon shit is arguably what made microchips, solar panels and thousands of other inventions that seriously funded a great deal of economic growth, getting thousands out of poverty, while simutaneously maintaining our leading military edge and bankrupting Russia’s warchest without murdering millions of people.

    We should focus our opposition on corporate tax breaks and political bribes, not on the miniscule programs that actually do create some jobs… Also, China is making moves to occupy the moon, including the dak side of it. The moon is the ultimate high ground

  • lefaucettoNo Lawnsfuck lawns (fuck lawns) fuck them very very much
    24 days ago

    This is quite nice in desert areas, but doesnt work well for areas like Florida where if you dont spend hours weeding or edging religiously, you’ll end up having to weedwhack your lawn because the grass and weeds have still grown, but now your mower has turned iinto a rock flinging machine with very dull blades

    A yeard can be great space for kids to run and play, but still, fuck lawns for the most part. One basketball-court-sized lawn per couple blocks is plenty sufficient for kids. A soccerfield per 5 miles, and a major sports field per 10 miles…

    Folks should let their yards be what the yards are in the wild.

    In Florida, that means pine/oak forest with palm fronds. Maybe small grassy garden if folks want a spot to hang. But grass for the most part is shaded out by trees and covered by pine-straw and leaves.

    Residential half-acre-plus fertilized lawns are stupid AF.

    Maybe was cool in the 1950s when lawncare was a handy mode of wealth redistribution for a healthier economy, and no-one had thought of the negative environmnetal impacts.

    Lawns used to be a big flex specifically because it took crazy labor to do; lords would show off how many gardeners they had under employ. Now folks are flexing in how they can kill everything including their wallets, free time, and planet

    Push mowers are superior for small lawns.

    Mowing lawnbots are the future for lawncare.

  • I thin there should be a proper study and maybe proposal to Legalize and lightly-regulate class-A drugs so the Cartel loses their main revenue stream, black market drugs.

    I am pulling this out my butt, but Im betting the main source of capital in the cartel’s economy is wealthy people buying drugs. Poor people too, but Im betting the wealthy addicts with jobs and clean records contribute more.

    If we rerouted those funds to actual tax-revenue-generating jobs the Cartel mightlosee somepowera and our economy wouldn’t be leaking so much money to the illegal drug trade.

  • If I underatand correctly, you’re saying banks should be allowed to accept the risk of crypto market fluctuations and scams.

    Unfortunately when banks lose bets, they effectivel hold the economy hostage until taxpayers bail them out.

    Much better to tell them if they want to offer crypto holdings, they need to be able to cover total loss of it.

    If that means banks can’t hold crypto, I won’t shed a tear.

  • lefaucettoPolitical Memes@lemmy.caTrue
    2 months ago

    Very good points.

    I will maintain the the big broadcasters and newspapers have always been slanted, but you are right…

    Many, if not most journalists themselves have integrity and should be honored and funded.

    Many publications do too.

  • lefaucettoPolitical Memes@lemmy.caTrue
    2 months ago

    He’s not right though…

    News hardly gets any funding by anyone wothout a goal of people telling others how to think.

    The only reason this guy would think the news was ever good is because he used to not know any better.

  • I may have some names and details wrong here, but Elon is not the brains of AI.

    He did start Open AI to find some people with the brains.

    Andrej Karpathy was the mastermind of Tesla’s FSD. He left the company after it was clear his developments would get FSD solved with enough data and compute. He’s no longer at Tesla, but it is primarity his work that everything is based on.

    Jim Keller was lead developer of the FSD inferrence chip I think. He also helps develop chips for Apple and Intel. He is not at Tesla.

    Emil Talpes is lead architect of Dojo chip

    Ganesh Venkataramanan is lead architect of Dojo supercomputer system

    What we can credit Elon with is telling folks to make a robo taxi back in 2015 and paying people to do it, but thats about it. Keep in mind he became the richest man in the world for doing this. He doesnt need more compensation at the expense of Tesla and its shareholders.

    If Elon died today Tesla would be just fine. I’d argue even better… A lot of folks I talk to think Teslas are cool cars, but hate Elon’s toxic personality and fear his attacks on free speech. They don’t want to support such a maniacal weirdo.