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  • Yeah, the big thing about the designation (at least how the article describes it being applied here) is that is denies the designees access to the US financial system. Imagine the Proud Boys et al suddenly cut off from their finances. SPLC can designate any group anything they like, but without the backing of the government, it’s like me saying “I’m writing your name down on a list”: ultimately meaningless.

    But yeah, like you said, there are probably constitutional considerations working against taking similar measures for domestic problems. Just wish they’d…do more, I guess. Seems like things are ramping up and getting worse every day (confirmation biases, aside).

    Relevant bit from the article:

    Friday’s designation will deny NRM members from accessing the US financial system, with the intention of making it more challenging for them to move money through the international system and fund their efforts.

  • Yeah, like 99% sure, anyway (unless something changed in 0.19.4 I’m unaware of). lol Got an example?

    It’ll only show ones the instance knows about, and the URL has to be exactly the same. I’m not sure if there’s an internal limit to the number of crossposts the API will return, but I’ve seen spam posts show at least 7 or 8 crossposts in the list. Any more than that, and I’ve usually already banned the person for spamming.

  • Yeah? That was the intention, lol. I self-host not because I’m a tinfoil hatter but because I want to be in charge of my own data.

    I’m under no illusion that my public submissions can’t/won’t be scraped. My goal is simply to not give surveillance capitalists a mainline to my personal data nor allow myself to be turned into or used as a product to be mined and sold; I choose what I want to share. I put it out into the world, and whatever comes of it does (or doesn’t).

    The difference is that only what I choose to share can be mined and not everything.

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    2 days ago

    The posts that show up under “Crossposts” just have the same URL. They don’t have to actually be crossposted. Any post your instance knows about that has the same URL as the one you’re viewing will show up there.

    To answer 's question, there’s nothing really special about crossposting in Lemmy. It works the same as creating a new post except it just pre-fills the URL, body, and title as well as adding crossposted from to the top of the post body. They’re separate posts and the only link between them is they’re matched on the URL and show up in the “Crossposts” list.