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Willem Van Spronsen killed in attack on American concentration camp
Here's the last message of, audio manifesto of, and story of Willem Van Spronsen, killed during his raid on a concentration camp. https://anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org/post/2019/07/14/usa-final-message-from-anarchist-antifascist-fighter-will-van-spronsen-killed-in-combat-on-13-07-19/ https://thesuper8.bandcamp.com/album/the-audio-manifesto https://pugetsoundanarchists.org/we-are-the-fire-that-will-melt-ice-rest-in-power-will-van-spronsen-olympia-wa/

Fascists burn down indigenous village
Brazil: With the fascist President Jair Bolsonaro backing them, ruralists and cops burn down an indigenous village. One of the victims posts a video and translation: https://raddle.me/f/Empire/83402/this-is-happening-right-here-in-brasil-bolsonaro-is "Look what they did to our village , to our reserve , we were 2 years fighting to preserve this here, now some troublemakers come to put fire on our village, if it wasn't for the Vale company to kill our river, to kill our people and our way of life, now they came and had put fire on our village we will not shut our mouths up, tomorrow we will close up the road and call the media attention to defend upon us."